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‘Arcane’ IRL: Filipino cosplayers capture scenes from Netflix’s ‘League of Legends’

By Kara Santos Published Feb 17, 2022 11:44 am

A group of Filipino cosplayers, costume makers, crafters, photographers, and artists recently collaborated to recreate iconic scenes from hit Netflix series, Arcane: League of Legends.

The show, based on the 2009 MOBA game League of Legends, was one of the best animated series to come out last year on Netflix, thanks to its memorable story, well-developed characters and unique animation and visual style.

Since its release last November 2021, Arcane has gone viral across different platforms, with amazing fan art, cosplays, and make-up transformations around the world.

Check out some of the awesome photos that captures the energy of the main characters Jinx, Vi, Caityn, Viktor and the main antagonist, Silco, shot and edited to look like the neon-lit steampunk utopian world of Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun.

Artist and cosplayer Ju Garcia as Piltover’s finest peacekeeper Caitlyn.

The cosplay team, who happen to be good friends in real life, decided to share their love for Arcane with the stunning photo shoot, which they have been prerparing for since November 2021 after the show originally premiered on Netflix. 

Tech tuber, music producer and cosplayer Cholo Tolentino as the brilliant inventor Viktor.

The team got help from the local cosplay community to put together screen-accurate costumes and props and studied how to transform themselves with make-up to match the show’s visual style.

Professional cosplayer, dancer and artist Zackt as the sinister main antagonist Silco.

Theatre actress, writer and cosplayer Nicola Ber Reyes as the hotheaded fighter Vi.

The venue for the location shoot, Zeppelin Lounge, depicts the combination of high-fantasy, steampunk and bio-punk vibe of the show perfectly. 

Photographers Erving Go and Kira Hokuten, both well-known in the cosplay community for their craft, worked with incredible efficiency and creativity given the limited time at the venue, and limited capacity as well due to COVID-19 safety measures. 

Professional cosplayer and beauty enthusiast Roxanne Kho as the manic loose cannon Jinx.

Cosplayer Zackt (who portrays Silco in the set) post-processed the photoset to capture the tone of the show, making the photos really pierce through the screen, captivating viewers.

Check out the full album below and be sure to follow the individual cosplayer's accounts to check out their other projects.