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These headphones come with a built-in air purifier mask to deliver you fresh tunes and fresh air

By AYIE LICSI Published Mar 30, 2022 6:53 pm

This headphones and mask combo is giving us big supervillain vibes.

In its foray into the audio gear game, Dyson, a company known for its vacuums, hairdryers, and fans, unveiled the Zone, one of the most unique noise-canceling headphones to date.

In front of the headphones—connected to each earcup—there's a magnetic face visor that houses an air purifier. This way, the Zone can deliver fresh tunes and fresh air at the same time. The whole headgear situation is kind of reminiscent of Batman villain Bane, if you ask us.

Now, the Dyson Zone has been in development for six years now, so the whole air purifying mask setup was thought of before the COVID-19 pandemic made masks a must.

According to the Singaporean tech company, the purpose of the Dyson Zone is to combat air pollution and noise pollution in urban settings.

For its air purifier half, the Zone features the company's existing air filtration technology. It pulls in air through each earpiece through tiny compressors. Air is then passed through dual-layer filters and projected into the visor.

However, the visor won't be totally in contact with your face like a face mask. There's just enough space for the purified air to stream through for you to breathe.

This part of the device also snaps on with magnets, so wearers can easily remove it if they just want to listen to music with the Zone.

On the audio side of things, these Bluetooth on-ear headphones use a mix of passive noise cancellation and active noise cancellation to drown out unwanted sound.

The Zone also offers three different noise-canceling modes: isolation, conversation, and transparency. Isolation blocks out the most ambient sound, conversation amplifies the sound of voices when you lower the visor, while transparency drops the volume so you can hear more of your environment.

Dyson hasn't announced a price for the Zone yet, but the device will be available in the US in late 2022.