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South Korean dating show trends after female contestant confesses her love to another girl

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Jan 26, 2023 5:03 pm

Shows about romance is sure to become a hit among viewers—just look at the 2019 South Korean series Love Alarm.

The show, which is based on a webtoon and centers on a mobile app that can determine if someone within the user's vicinity has romantic feelings for them, has not only become one of the most watched K-dramas worldwide, but it has also spawned a reality dating program called "Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!"

Following the synopsis of the series, the eight contestants, whose real names are hidden by nicknames, are given their own "Love Alarm" app where they can choose two users they have feelings for.

The show's 11th episode especially fluttered the hearts of viewers when a contestant named Jasmine bravely confessed her feelings to another female participant.

The woman, nicknamed White Rose, had been standing in front of the others in hopes that one of them would pick her as their date, but things began to get awkward when it seemed that no one was going to make a move. In an unexpected move, however, Jasmine stepped in front of White Rose, signaling that she wanted to go on a date with her.

"To be honest, this all started because I also had feelings for White Rose. I think if I met with Rose to clear everything up and be honest about everything, it will do good for both Rose and I," Jasmine said in Korean in a behind-the-scenes interview.

Their sweet moment earned them waves of cheers from viewers, who praised Jasmine because of how fearless she was in professing her feelings on television in a country that is still conservative when it comes to LGBTQ+ couples.

The two even touched the heartsrings of Hong Seok-cheon, one of the hosts and one of the most prominent openly gay celebrities in Korea.

One user on Twitter wrote, "My respect goes to Jasmine. Coming out on national TV and in a country (Korea) where gender is an issue is already a huge leap; all the more when she admitted her feeling toward Rose."

"I'm happy even if White Rose and Jasmine will not be together as long as there's no hard feeling between them now and [I'm also happy to see] how they still interact with each other. Like White Rose literally stalked Jasmine's account until 2018. Thankful of them meeting in Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!" another one posted.

While it's still early to tell whether love will blossom between the two, fans of the show are now certainly rooting for them.