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BTS JIN’s ‘Super Tuna’ making waves worldwide

By Mica Rodriguez Published Dec 12, 2021 8:54 pm

If there’s one thing the ARMY (fandom of BTS) loves most about the hyung or eldest member of the group, Kim SeokJin or JIN, it’s his thoughtfulness in creating and planning special encore events and gifts for fans to treasure and remember.

A good example is the recently-concluded four-night residency at the SoFi Stadium for the BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA concert. For the encore part of these four nights, JIN made the parting time “cute” by wearing a flower, red pigtails (ala Squid Game Doll), aegyo ribbons and even the medium-sized plushie of his BT21 character named RJ.

On the fourth day, the ARMY surprised him by organizing the Hearts for Jin and Moon for Jin projects, which made him a bit emotional but happy.

Just when fans thought that the surprises he planned for the ARMY during the concert was enough, that wasn’t the last gift from JIN.

On his birthday last Dec. 4, he did a livestream on VLive (from his hotel room in LA) to announce that he created simple fun song called Super Tuna.

Written and produced by him with the help of Bumzu (whom he also worked with last year for the ballad, Abyss), the one-minute trot song is simply about his love for fishing.

Those who have watched JIN on past BTS travel shows would know that he is passionate about cooking and fishing, to the point that most fans weren’t surprised that he’d think of making a song out of his hobby.

And he did it in a major, fun way!

On the livestream, he mentioned that he wrote the song for fun and is a bit embarrassed by it. The thing is, the people at BigHit /HYBE loved it. The positive feedback from his peers encouraged him to release it as a birthday present to his equally fun-loving fans.

To make it more special, he recorded a simple choreography video by the beach last Nov. 29—the day he also went to Six Flags Amusement Park to enjoy his day-off from the concert.

Once the song dropped and the choreography video was published publicly, Super Tuna became a viral sensation!

Super Tuna is a short, banger song anyone can dance to due to its simple choreography. As a matter of fact, it also inspired a number of ARMY to incorporate the song to some of the group’s complex dance choreographies in the past:

In a snap, Super Tuna became a viral sensation and an unplanned Super Tuna Dance Challenge was born! These are mostly done by kids and the ARMY!

As of writing, #SuperTuna has reached 130.9 million views while #SuperTunaChallenge already reached 45 million views on TikTok alone.

These milestones were reached despite JIN’s plea on Weverse not to do a Super Tuna challenge. “No guys, don't do a Super Tuna challenge that I didn't even plan. No, I'm so embarrassed,” he said.

“No, there are many other songs, but why do you want to do the Super Tuna Challenge? If this gets bigger, the company might suggest me to do a second version... so stop,” Jin added.

Of course, the ARMY wouldn’t follow him. They don’t need his permission to dance!

The fun part is even Tuna Factory workers and the mascot of South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries took part in the dance challenge! Surely, this will also help raise the interest of the new generation in taking good care of our bodies of water. It starts with something fun and cute!

Jin, thank you for releasing this serotonin-boosting bop! Even kids in kinder garden are having fun learning the steps! Baby Shark who?


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♬ original sound - Patrizzzy

Apart from the song becoming viral across social media like crazy, there is also a surge for pet toys sales particularly the plushies attached to the costumes of JIN and his two backup dancers.

As of writing, the choreography video of Super Tuna already reached 25 million views in seven days. Now, let’s wait and see if this gift from JIN will swim its way to the Billboard Hot 100! Let’s go!