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5 iconic moments where SB19 turned Wish Bus performances into their own concert

By Hannah Mallorca Published Feb 24, 2022 8:30 pm

P-pop superstars SB19 and their legion of fans—also known as A’TIN—made headlines after the boy group’s comeback performance at the Wish 107.5 Bus on Monday, Feb. 21 felt like a mini-concert. 

It’s no secret among local fandoms in social media that SB19 and A’TIN are a match made in heaven. No matter what content SB19 puts out, their fans will always have their back. But that’s not all—the five-member group always treats Wish Bus performances like their own mini-concert.

Whether it’s promoting their songs or showing off their vocal chops, it’s a blast to see SB19 on the road. Here are five of their most iconic Wish Bus performances.

Hanggang Sa Huli (uploaded on January 2021)

It’s been a while since SB19 performed Hanggang Sa Huli live, but watching their January 2021 Wish Bus performance feels like seeing it for the first time. The romantic ballad talks about love that remains even after the end of a relationship and the members delivered with their emotive vocals and beautiful harmonization. Sing your hearts out, boys!

Alab (uploaded on March 2020)

Who needs to use autotune when Stell, Pablo, Justin, Josh, and Ken’s voices are enough? Their March 2020 performance of Alab proved that SB19’s raw voices are the star of their discography. The catchy dance-pop song, which is about winning the heart of a loved one, is fun to watch and it’s hard to miss out on their charm.

Go Up (uploaded on September 2019)

Go Up will always have a special place in A’TIN’s hearts since it marks the start of SB19’s journey, and seeing their Wish Bus performance a year after their debut—at that time—evokes pride. It’s nostalgic watching the boy group’s rookie selves in this video, and ever since then you could already feel their passion.

Tilaluha (uploaded on October 2019)

Turuan mo naman akong limutin ka.” Rookie SB19 singing about the pain of moving on is a treat since you can almost hear them crying. The heartbreaking ballad is about heartbreak, and they sure brought out the feels. Of course, you can’t miss out on their signature harmonization. Bravo!

Ikako (uploaded on January 2021)

Released during the height of the pandemic, Ikako is a love letter to frontliners. The hopeful, upbeat track is a dose of sunshine as SB19 dedicated their talents to those who deserve it the most.