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Talking Komiks

Komiks that go bump in the night

By EK Gonzales Published Oct 31, 2021 5:51 pm Updated Nov 01, 2021 1:19 am

The long year is into its final quarter, with real-life fears still at our doorsteps in many forms. Meanwhile, creators are still making, channeling some of our fears, some of them releasing content previously unavailable to a wide readership.

If you want some scary things to read as October turns to November, the komikeros of the country have got you covered.

Content that was featured last year will not be repeated, but are still available on both major komik platforms. Titles that were “coming soon” but not available at the time of this article were not included.

Chain Mason

Awoo: Chain Mason Anthology (various artists) (Mature)

Awoo: Chain Mason anthology.

Several one-shots by members of unconventional collective Chain Mason, the stories are various takes on supernatural creatures and sometimes political nightmares.

Please be strongly advised that the Chain Mason collective is known—and respected—for their overtly rude and often unrestrained irreverent and brutal content. If you’re willing to take them on, these are some of the well-known good komikeros at the Komikon tables.

Kapangyarihan ng Dilim (Rawwr Enrique) (Mature to Explicit)

Content Warning: Sexual assault, supernatural nudity

When a group of a mayor’s lackeys chase after a woman he had wronged, they find that this woman is far more than they expected, and a different kind of righteous justice might be delivered.


Walkside 6 (John Bernard) (Mature)

Content Warning: Violence

Walkside 6.

While on vacation, a group of friends find a strange and very large snail in the woods, one that can talk and has a face. And that’s not the only strange creature in the Walkside 6 forest.

Outbreak (0ran_0) (PG to SPG)

A classic zombie story done in a school setting, as the students one by one get turned, and those who remain have to run or fight to survive.

Down Into The Hole (ZonArt98) (Mature)

Content Warning: Body and creature horror

Jiyoung arrives to a devastated Seoul, with people who can supernaturally alter themselves into deadly creatures. Jiyoung is surprised that he, and the brother he left in Seoul, are not the only ones who are like that.

Bangungut (BLACKSTAR) (SPG)

Content Warning: Visual overload


A student keeps getting recurring nightmares of night entities chasing him. But the creatures are starting to appear in real life.

Artwork uses moving gifs to emphasize action, and may be cause for possible visual sensory overload.

Five Nightmares (F2) (Mature)

Content Warning: Covid and lockdown mentions, body horror, depression, self-harm, visual overload

Fernan and Tiffany were just having an anime movie date when nightmare vines suddenly appear and attacked the mall. Mercifully, there are Nightmare Protectors, trying to keep the world from the Five Nightmares.

Please be advised that this form of horror is the psychedelic kind, with lots of eyes and thorns everywhere, so it may be visually overwhelming and cause for possible visual sensory overload. That said, give the overall art a chance.


Pangil (Aaron Felizmenio) (SPG) 


Now available online, an archeologist and two students investigate an unusual dig site in Camarines Sur, one that has supernatural creatures.

The Clinic (Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo) (Mature)

Content Warning: Supernatural nudity

One of the one-shots created by the Trese team, a rising star tries to hide a pregnancy through an abortion clinic. But... this is not your usual clinic. More digital art compared to the traditional linework in Trese, but all well-paced. 

The Feast (Budjette Tan, Alex Arellano, and KaJO Baldisimo) (SPG)

Also by the Trese team, two couples arrive at a provincial town to check the town's specialties with the freshest ingredients. But their idea of exotic ingredients are more exotic than most.

Trese presents: Verdugo (Budjette Tan and JB Tapia) (Mature)

Content Warning: Sexual assault, violence

Trese presents: Verdugo.

A Trese spinoff featuring Alexandra’s eldest brother, Carlos, who is a mandirigma and ruthless hunter of wayward supernatural creatures—those that won’t be reined in by Alexandra’s more diplomatic methods.

Carlos gets involved in a situation between aswang and humans, and tackles things his way instead of Alexandra’s to make a strong point. Soon every entity that could kill him would be after him.

The first chapter is also included in the physical volume 1 of Trese: Bloodlines released by Avenida Publishing.

Magdalo (Ligaya Komiks) (SPG)

Created at the height of anti-Noynoy Aquino sentiment, a disillusioned activist considers doing the most extreme of measures for the good of the nation: resurrecting a dead hero.

Bad End (Miroku-san) (SPG to Mature)

A series of one-shots, all with bad endings of various types: twins that switch places; a deadly game that moves on its own; a young woman and young man who keep running into each other; and a dream catcher that exacts revenge.

Filtered Lenses (ExpressityART) (SPG)

Filtered Lenses.

The series is now complete. A college student inherits a relative’s camera. But soon after he uses the camera, a series of deaths occur on campus, and he’s not sure if he should really believe the camera is cursed.

Ang Manananggal (Electromilk) (SPG to Mature)

Content Warning: Some nudity

A manananggal haunts Anna’s dreams, and soon after the same manananggal manifests as her new classmate Maria. Now she does not know if Maria just seems to like Anna a lot, or if Maria has more primal needs.

Sta. Monica Falls (Ren Galeno) (SPG)

A girl takes a dive into Sta. Monica falls, and explores the pool. But she finds more than she expected.

Ilaw ng Tahanan (David Mendaros and Marc Alcantara) (SPG to Mature)

Content Warning: Violence

A young couple tries to elope but gets abandoned at an empty road. They are given shelter for the night by a mysterious man living in a strange house. But the couple may regret accepting the offer. An incredible use of the sharp black/white/red scheme to deliver the fright and blood.

Resurrect: Run, Cowardly Boy (M. A. Del Rosario) (Mature)

Content Warning: Suicide, alcohol, nudity

Resurrect: Run, Cowardly Boy.

A defeated and depressed Jakob Cruz keeps getting terrible nightmares, with the nightmares threatening to drive him to insanity and created by an ancient entity. But a mysterious man gives Jakob a calling card, a possible way out.

We hope the creepy komiks of the Philippines gives you a continued respect for our local folklore, as well as the various talents of our many komikeros. Here’s to hoping the stories don’t keep you awake... too much.