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TRAILER: Action-packed martial arts continues in ‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’

By Argie Aguja Published Nov 27, 2020 3:31 am

When it comes to smooth and fast-flowing martial arts sequences in film, few can hold a candle to the famed Wing Chun kung fu master Ip Man, the legendary mentor of Bruce Lee. Master Ip’s life and legacy was thoroughly tackled in four films bearing his name, all portrayed by actor Donnie Yen.

Now, a new movie about his life is coming to theaters titled Ip Man: Kung Fu Master. The film is set in Master Ip’s early days before the Communist Revolution in 1949. Back then, he was still a policeman.

Film distributors Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing has recently released a two-minute teaser trailer for Ip Man: Kung Fu Master. At first glance, this one capitalizes on fast, fluid and pure martial arts goodness featuring one-on-one fistfights, axe-wielding mobsters, even an army of thugs all forced into defeat by Master Ip.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Framed for the murder of a ruthless but honorable mobster, Ip Man becomes targeted for vengeance by his dangerous daughter. Forced to resign as police captain, Ip must also contend with the arrival of the Japanese army in Guangzhou, China.

Actor Dennis To will be in the lead role this time. Previously, To has played some minor roles in Yen’s Ip Man 1 and 2. He also previously played Ip Man before in the films The Legend Is Born: Ip Man and Kung Fu League. Liming Li directs this new movie and co-writes with Shi Qingshui. It stars To, Yuan Li Ruoxin, Tong Xiaohu, Yue Dongfeng, Chang Qinyuan, Zhao Xioguang, Ren Yu, and Michael Wong.

Watch the trailer here:

Ip Man: Kung Fu Master is scheduled for international release on theaters and video-on-demand on Dec. 11, 2020.