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'All of Us Are Dead' officially renewed for Season 2

By Kara Santos Published Jun 07, 2022 10:44 am

All of Us Are Dead, the hit Korean zombie series, has officially been renewed for Season 2 on Netflix.

The zombie YA horror series is one of the streamer’s top ten non-English-language shows of all time and its second-most successful Korean-produced show, after last year’s Squid Game.

The exciting news was announced as part of Netflix’s ongoing Geeked Week, which showcases new and returning series in the genre of sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, anime, horror, and more.

The Geeked Week video featured the four lead actors of the apocalyptic teen series thanking fans for their support of the show and confirming that Season 2 is in development.

Lee Cheong-san, portrayed by Yoon Chan-young, whose fate was undetermined after the cliffhanger last episode was the first to appear in the video, sparking questions about his status in the upcoming season.

The video also featured Park Ji-hu who plays Nam On-jo (Cheong-san's childhood friend), Cho Yi-hyun who plays class president and eventual half-zombie Choi Nam-ra, and Lomon who portrays the reformed ex-delinquent Lee Su-hyeok.

"Is this on? Can you see me? Hi everyone, long time no see. Thank you to all of are fans who loved All of Us are Dead season 1," Chan-young said in the video teaser.

"All of Us are Dead will be returning for Season 2. We hope you're all excited for it," confirmed Lomon.

Based on the Korean webtoon Now at Our School by Joo Dong-geun, the 12-episode first season of All of Us Are Dead follows several ordinary high schoolers who end up at ground zero of a zombie apocalypse after a science experiment gone wrong.

Cut off from the outside world by the government, which seeks to contain the outbreak, the group of teens is forced to protect themselves, all while dealing with heavy interpersonal tension. The first season finale of the show ended with six survivors from the outbreak rescued but quarantined by the government, and class president Nam-ra (Cho) a half-zombie.

Check out the season 2 announcement below.

According to Netflix, after it premiered earlier this year, All of Us Are Dead shot straight to the top 10 most watched non-English TV series in 91 countries where it stayed for two consecutive weeks. The zombie K-drama also drew 361 million viewing hours in its first 10 days.

Netflix has been noticeably been ramping up their Asian horror and sci-fi genre content in recent years. The streaming giant said that from 2020 to 2021, viewing of sci-fi and horror on Netflix in the Asia-Pacific region has grown 30% and 20%, respectively.

No release date has been given for All of Us are Dead season 2.