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Gonna miss 'Stranger Things'? Here are 5 binge-worthy shows with the same vibe for your season 4 hangover

By AYIE LICSI Published Jul 01, 2022 8:58 pm

After binge-watching a season of your favorite series, aren't you just left wanting more? The last episodes of Stranger Things 4 have dropped on Netflix and we already can't wait until season 5.

Given how long it took before previous seasons arrived on the streaming platform, it's not impossible that it might take another two years before we get some answers about what's going to happen next to the Hawkins gang.

Luckily, there are other shows that can serve as a cure for your Stranger Things hangover until the next episodes arrive. From super-powered teens and 80s nostalgia to good ol' fashion horror themes, here are some shows that have the same vibe as Stranger Things.

The Umbrella Academy

If you're into quirky humans with superpower abilities, add The Umbrella Academy to your watchlist. This show, based on Gerard Way's comic series, follows a dysfunctional family of seven siblings who were adopted by an eccentric billionaire industrialist. Each of them has powers, ranging from talking to the dead to time travel. Things go south as the siblings learn of an upcoming apocalypse, which they must stop to save the world.

There are some time travel elements in The Umbrella Academy, too, which will transport you back to the 60s.

Locke & Key

Those looking for a horror drama to fill the Stranger Things void can try watching Locke & Key. Also based on a comic book of the same name, this series follows the Locke siblings as they move into their ancestral home after their father's mysterious murder.

The children soon discover mysterious keys lying around the house that can be used to unlock doors in magical ways. As they explore the power of the keys, a demonic entity awakens and stops at nothing to steal them.

I'm Not Okay With This

There's nothing like a good coming-of-age story mixed with some supernatural elements, right? In I'm Not Okay With This, Sydney Novak navigates the monster that is high school, grieves from her father's suicide, and explores her budding sexuality all while she learns she has telekinetic powers. Just normal teenage girl stuff.

First Kill

For those who are fans of Robin and queer content in general, First Kill is the perfect show to binge. It tells the story of star-crossed lovers Juliette and Calliope—a vampire and a monster hunter—who fall in love. The two must fight for their relationships as their families work desperately to keep them apart.


After two children go missing in Dark's fictional German town of Winden, its sinful past starts to unravel (sounds like Hawkins, right?). Fractured relationships, double lives, and dark pasts of four families begin to unravel, exposing a mystery spanning four generations.

Dark has some time-traveling elements and an apocalypse to keep you on your toes as you watch.

Honorable mention: Fear Street

While Fear Street is technically not a TV series, it is a trilogy of horror and slasher flicks. The three films revolve around teenagers who work to break a curse that has taken over their town for hundreds of years.

This Scream-like franchise also features the acting prowess of Sadie Sink so it's a must-watch for Stranger Things fans.