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Hayley Williams reveals ongoing battle with lung infection as Paramore cancels US tour

By JUSTINE PUNZALAN Published Aug 11, 2023 9:13 pm

Hayley Williams is struggling with a lung infection that's "risking long-term damage," causing her band, Paramore, to cancel the rest of their "This is Why" tour in the United States.

The 34-year-old musician first opened up about her health condition in an Instagram Story she posted on Aug. 10 and first spotted by Billboard

"Hey everybody, we just got off stage in Seattle," Hayley wrote in the post following their concert in Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle on Aug. 9.

"After speaking with our team and my doc, I know that trying to finish this tour is now going to come at a detriment to my health,” she continued "My lungs are just not healing quickly enough to keep up. It got a little scary tonight."

Hayley went on to break the news that the band is canceling its shows at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland on Aug. 10, as well as the one in Delta Center in Salt Lake City on Aug. 13.

“We are going to have to cancel the last 2 shows of the tour so I can get better, finally," she explained. "I know some of you are camping in Portland already so I just wanted to get this out there."

The cancellation comes after Paramore previously rescheduled its Seattle, Portland, and Salt Late City tours from the last week of July to Aug. 9, 10, and 13 respectively. Without mentioning Hayley's ongoing battle, the band stated that they had come upon this decision because of "illness within the touring party."

It is for the same reason that Paramore canceled their performance at Chase Center in San Francisco just hours before the event was set to begin.

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Shortly after Hayley announced that they are canceling the rest of their US tour entirely, Paramore released an official statement on their Instagram account wherein their lead singer gave further details on her lung problem.

The statement reads, "After my lung infection forces us to postpone 4 shows, I was hoping a week off of performing and a strict medicine routine would allow my body to heal enough to finish off this tour strong."

"I have been doing everything I can to fight this infection so we wouldn't have to disappoint anyone with more news of postponements and cancellations," she continued.

The Ain't It Fun hitmaker went on to reveal that she has been "struggling through the last few shows" as she tried to "put a good show" for all of their fans. Unfortunately, this has caused even more harm to the singer's health.

She continued, "I'm now risking long-term damage and I need to pay attention to my body."

"With that in mind and with a heavy heart, we have to cancel our remaining shows in both Portland and Salt Lake City," Hayley added.

She concluded the post by saying she "can not physically go on" with the tour but is deeply thankful to their fans for their continued support. The band said refunds will be given to those who have purchased tickets to the shows.

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According to Healthline, lung infection commonly comes from a virus, bacteria, or fungus that enters one's lungs and causes it to inflame. While there are several types of lung infections, the most common ones are pneumonia, bronchitis, and bronchiolitis.

They can be mistaken for a cold or flu, but the difference is that the symptoms last longer. Other symptoms include a cough that produces mucus and lasts for several weeks, stabbing chest pains, body aches, shortness of breath, wheezing, bluish appearance of the skin and lips, and crackling sounds in the lungs.

Mild infections can be treated at home, with the patient drinking lots of water, resting, and taking antibiotics or ibuprofen prescribed by your doctor. Severe lung infections, meanwhile, would require hospitalization until recovery.