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All the familiar faces in the Korean adaptation of ‘Money Heist’ and where you’ve seen them before

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jan 18, 2022 7:25 pm

“There are no right sides in hell, Major.”

Prepare your hearts since the Korean spinoff of the global hit series La Casa de Papel, also known as Money Heist, is coming soon. With its cinematography, appealing visuals, and nod to Korean culture, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is shaping up to be a hit phenomenon in the making.

The special teaser raised our expectations for the series, and we’ve spotted a lot of familiar faces as well. If you’re struggling to remember their names, check out our fangirl guide below:

Park Haesoo (Berlin)

Park Haesoo has been on every K-drama fan’s radar since he portrayed the tragic anti-hero Cho Sangwoo (Player 218) on Netflix’s Squid Game. His role in the global hit series had everyone hating and feeling sorry for him at the same time. 

The talented 40-year-old actor also caught the attention of fans when he played the dashing Lee Chanwoo—who always makes goo-goo eyes at Sun Eunyoung (Seo Yeji)— in the 2019 film By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture.

Lee Hyunwoo (Rio)

Lee Hyunwoo broke fans’ hearts as the charming second lead Cha Eungyeol in To the Beautiful You, the Korean spinoff of the Japanese manga Hana Kimi. His signature mushroom haircut and smile made us swoon until his final appearance—that we got mad when Goo Jaehee didn’t accept his feelings. 

Hyunwoo’s teen heartthrob status skyrocketed when he portrayed the heartbroken composer Kang Hangyul in the rom-com The Liar and His Lover. The series also showed off the handsome actor’s many talents as a singer and musician. 

Yoo Jitae (Professor)

While Yoo Jitae’s name is unfamiliar among international fans, he’s actually a veteran actor and well-respected filmmaker in South Korea. However, you might have recognized him as the successful and haughty businessman Han Jaehyun in the romantic drama When My Love Blooms.

Jeon Jongseo (Tokyo)

Jeon Jongseo’s creepy smile in The Call is probably one of the most spine-tingling moments to remember in the 2020 thriller. Jongseo portrayed Oh Youngsook, a woman who crosses paths with Kim Seoyeon (Park Shinhye) through a decades-old cordless phone. Youngsook and Seoyeon live 10 years apart, however, the phone brings them closer to their tragic fates. 

Lee Wonjong (Moscow)

K-drama fans might recognize Lee Wonjong as Bae Suzy’s dad who appeared at the second episode of Uncontrollably Fond. We can’t help but cry along with Suzy when the 56-year-old actor’s character died in a hit-and-run incident. Fortunately, it was his “death” that made her character mature into a fearless young woman.

Kim Jihoon (Denver)

If you’re wondering why Kim Jihoon looks familiar, you probably might remember him as the cold-hearted insurance lawyer Won Kangha in the fluffy rom-com Wish Upon A Star. An oldie but (cheesy) goodie, this K-drama was aired on ABS-CBN in 2013. 

Jang Yoonju (Nairobi)

The tall and statuesque Jang Yoonju made a strong impression on viewers as the host and judge of Korea’s Next Top Model from seasons one to four. To pique your curiosity, she’s actually one of the judges who paid close attention to Squid Game star and fellow model Jung Hoyeon on the show’s fourth season. 

Yoonju’s face is also familiar to K-pop fans since she appeared alongside Aespa’s Karina in one of the girl group’s debut teasers. It was soon revealed that the model portrayed the evil and hypnotic Black Mamba in the music video Black Mamba

Kim Yunjin (Seon Woojin)

Korean-American actress Kim Yunjin is a familiar name since she portrayed Sun Kwon, one of the main characters, in the 2004 series Lost. While her character met a tragic fate in the finale, she definitely made a strong impression among domestic and international fans alike.

While Kim Jihun (Helsinki) and Lee Kyuho (Oslo) are unfamiliar names to K-drama fans, we’re excited to see how both of these actors will do their respective roles justice.