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‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ is ending this weekend! Make sure to binge-watch these K-dramas by director Yoo Jewon

By Hannah Mallorca Published Oct 14, 2021 8:46 pm

Sad news for K-drama fans: the “healing” series Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha will air its last two episodes this weekend. 

It’s heartbreaking to see the lovable Chief Hong and lovely dentist Hyejin go, but the wholesome memories of their love story and the seaside village of Gongjin will remain in our hearts. 

As we mourn over the upcoming Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha finale, it’s time to drown your sorrows by binge-watching these K-dramas by the series’ director Yoo Jewon.

Hi Bye, Mama!

Starring: Kim Taehee, Lee Kyuhyung, Go Bogyeol, Seo Woojin

How does it feel to pass away, and leave your family behind? Cha Yuri (Kim Taehee) will probably describe the feeling as hell. Five years after her death, she is allowed to become human again if she succeeds in returning to her home within 49 years.

Since her death, her husband Cha Ganghwa (Lee Kyuhyung) has remarried to the beautiful Oh Minjung (Go Bogyeol) while her daughter Cho Seowoo (Seo Woojin) is five years old. Yuri now has to choose between returning to her former life or helping her family move forward.

Hundred Million Stars From the Sky

Starring: Seo Inguk, Jung Somin, Park Sungwoong

Kim Mooyoung (Seo Inguk) is a brooding, sad man after his father passed away. He soon finds happiness when he falls in love with Yoo Jinkang (Jung Somin), who helps him move forward in his life. 

Mooyoung and Jinkang’s blooming relationship is tested when the latter’s older brother Yoo Jingook (Park Sungwoong) discovers something about the former’s past. The situation becomes more complicated when Mooyoung finds out about the truth of his father’s death.

Tomorrow, with You 

Starring: Shin Minah, Lee Jehoon

Inspired by Time Traveler’s Wife, this K-drama revolves around Yoo Sojoon (Lee Jehoon) who can travel through time using a subway. His ability, however, made him discover that his days are numbered.

Sojoon then marries Song Marin (Shin Minah) to avoid his fate. He soon falls in love with her and becomes determined to make the most out of his remaining days. 

Oh My Ghost

Starring: Park Boyoung, Jo Jungseok, Lim Juhwan, Kim Seulgi

Na Bongsun (Park Boyoung) is hopelessly—and secretly—in love with her arrogant boss Kang Sunwoo (Jo Jungseok). As she struggles to find her self-confidence, she suddenly gets possessed by the lustful ghost Shin Soonae (Kim Seulgi). Soonae is determined to seduce as many men as possible to get into the afterlife.

Soonae’s seductive personality has rubbed off on Bongsun which, in return, catches Sunwoo’s eye. Things take a turn for the worse when Choi Sungjae (Lim Juhwan), Sunwoo’s brother-in-law, is involved in Soonae’s death. 

High School King of Savvy

Starring: Seo Inguk, Lee Hana, Lee Soohyuk, Lee Yuleum

Lee Minsuk (Seo Inguk) is nine years younger than his older brother Hyungsuk (Seo Inguk), but they look exactly alike. When Minsuk is asked by his Kuya to impersonate him at his new job, he’s forced to act as an executive in an IT company.

Minsuk, while keeping up with his studies, is forced to live a double life in the corporate world. His double life becomes messy when he falls in love with the company’s contract employee Jung Sooyoung (Lee Hana).