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Heinz launches ‘Marz Edition’ ketchup made with tomatoes grown in Mars conditions

By AYIE LICSI Published Nov 09, 2021 8:28 pm

Ever wondered what ketchup made on Mars tastes like?

Heinz revealed its first-ever bottle of "Marz Edition" ketchup made with tomatoes grown in the same harsh conditions found on the red planet.

Technically, the first-of-its-kind condiment was prepared on earth but astrobiologists at the Aldrin Space Institute at Florida Tech created Mars' challenging environment—complete with Martian-like soil, temperature, and water—to grow tomatoes in.

The Mars-ready ketchup is a product of two years of research conducted by a 14-member team led by Dr. Andrew Palmer.

"Before now, most efforts around discovering ways to grow in Martian-simulated conditions are short-term plant growth studies," he said. "What this project has done is look at long-term food harvesting."

"Achieving a crop that is of a quality to become Heinz Tomato Ketchup was the dream result and we achieved it. Working with the 'Tomato Masters' at Heinz has allowed us to see what the possibilities are for long-term food production beyond Earth," Palmer added.

The project is also a study on growing crops in soils that are less than ideal.

NASA has also experimented with harvesting plants in space. The International Space Station (ISS) grew chile peppers in space and according to astronaut Shane Kimbrough, there are discussions about growing tomatoes at the station.

The Marz Edition ketchup isn't for sale yet on earth, it's slated to launch to the ISS.