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‘Whenever…’: Jose Mari Chan-approved memes to welcome ‘Ber’ months and Christmas season

By Hannah Mallorca Published Aug 31, 2021 8:34 pm

September is finally here, which means we’ll see a lot of the singer Jose Mari Chan on social media, or in any media for that matter, yet again. 

Memes aside, Jose Mari Chan is a popular figure in the Philippines during the “ber” months due to his much-loved Christmas anthem Christmas in our Hearts. This led to sharing of memes and funny images inspired by the singer as soon as September starts—which almost feels like an annual internet tradition. 

To welcome the start of the “ber” months and Christmas season, here are some hilarious Jose Mari Chan-approved memes we found on the internet:

Twitter user @LiliLocked edited Chan’s face into Korean music streaming platform Melon’s “September line-up” of songs.

Twitter meme page @felixdancingto shared a hilarious edit of K-pop idol Felix, a member of boy group Stray Kids, dancing to Christmas in our Hearts.

Twitter user @monsterlex19 made a funny edit of Chan as a K-pop comeback poster. 

Aside from Chan, Alejandro Madronero listed Mariah Carey as a popular Christmas icon.

Jhae-are Abella posted a funny edit of him and the singer on Facebook, where the singer “visited” his house.

Rikinetic made its own “Ber month” countdown, with Chan’s face peeking at the edge. 

Banner and thumbnail photos from @monsterlex19, @LiliLocked, and @DONTBESHYPH on Twitter