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‘Scooby Doo’ meets ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ in crossover film

By Eleanor Escalante Published Jun 23, 2021 3:02 pm

Double the doggo adventure!

Warner Bros. released the first trailer of the newest animated crossover feature, Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog on Wednesday.

The canine duo met in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas, the desolate hometown of Muriel and Eustace Bagge, the fur parents of Courage. Scooby and the squad, Fred, Velma, Daphne, and Shaggy find themselves facing a giant cicada monster and her wacky winged warriors. To overcome their mission, they team up with Courage to take down the insect army before the other bugs find out.

According to the production the film took a lot of work, but it will no doubt bring the warmth of nostalgia to those who grew up watching the two old-school animated shows.

“Merging the two worlds in a cohesive manner was one of the most challenging aspects of production," producer-director Cecilia Aranovich told SyFy Wire.

“But I feel we found the right balance by bringing in the design elements and the color palette from the Courage world, as well as infusing Scooby and the gang with the more over-the-top takes and reactions that are so characteristic of Courage.”

Fans have expressed their excitement over the new film, saying it is the crossover they have been waiting for.

Marty Grabstein will voice Courage, Frank Welker will still voice the duo role of Scooby and Fred, Velma Dinkley as Kate, Grey Griffin as Daphne, and Matthew Lillard as Shaggy.

Written by Mike Ryan and executive produced by Sam Register, the movie will be out for digital and DVD on September 14.

(Images from Warner Bros.)