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Need to game and snack? These new Japanese ‘gaming chopsticks’ could be a life hack

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Sep 01, 2021 2:34 pm

Japanese company B'full has rolled out the ultimate lazy life hack—gaming chopsticks. You read that right. 

Serving as a reversed chopstick, the plastic-made contraption slides into your index finger and middle finger like a ring. To grab some grub, you only need to press your fingers together to let the chopsticks do its magic.

The chopstick is also angled and essentially reversed from standard chopstick use, in that you’re eating on the outside of your hand. Once you've gotten the hang of it though, you can comfortably hold onto a controller, phone, or mouse without sticky or oily residue getting on your device—the gamer's ultimate dream.

Another handy feature is that when you set down the chopsticks, it'll be the base, not the tips, that lands on the surface so whatever you eat remains clean.

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No description available.

The Gaming Chopsticks are available on the B'full website for P1,210 yen or P550.

Banner photos from B'full