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LOOK: This new McDonald's branch in Texas is completely run by machines

By AYIE LICSI Published Dec 26, 2022 4:46 pm

Are robots taking over our restaurants?

A different kind of McDonald's has opened in Fort Worth, Texas—a fully automated one so customers can order and receive their meals without having to interact with other humans.

TikToker Foodie Munster gave a glimpse of the new spot, which has machinery operating the drive-in window, kiosks for orders, and a counter that did not appear to be manned by any person.

According to a release by the fast food company, this test restaurant is designed for customers on the move. "Inside the restaurant, there's a delivery pick-up room for couriers to retrieve orders quickly and conveniently," it read.

Additionally, there's a new Order Ahead Lane, a separate drive-thru lane where customers get their food via a food and beverage conveyor. Orders for this can be placed through the McDonald's delivery app.

The food, however, will still be cooked and prepared by real people, but they're not going to be seen by the eating public because they'll be in the kitchen.

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The test restaurant has received mixed reactions online, with some people worried automation will put fast food workers out of jobs. Others are also thinking about how the machines might not be maintained in the future.

"This will put so many people out of work, I'm not for it," one user wrote.

"Great, so now they will have a conveyor belt that will always be broken, just like the milkshake machine," said another.

"And if they forget an item, who are you supposed to tell, the robot? It defeats the purpose of using the Drive Thru if you have to go inside for it," added one user.

On the other hand, some netizens feel like this would make their fast food experience better and more efficient.

"Maybe I can finally get a correct order," one TikToker said.