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5 times Megan Young proved she’s the cutest fangirl with an ever-supportive husband by her side

By Thea Marie Templanza Published Oct 11, 2022 7:15 pm Updated Oct 11, 2022 7:45 pm

It's no secret that Megan Young is a loud and proud K-pop fan, and we’re all here for it. The beauty queen has been vocal in supporting her favorite groups, and her ultimate bias—none other than her husband Mikael Daez—is the biggest supporter of her fangirling journey. 

While we love to see Megan visiting places and attending concerts, her videos with her husband accompanying her, or even helping her in making her fangirling content, just bring a different joy as we see how supportive he is of her interest. 

With beauty, brains, penchant for K-pop, plus an ever-supportive Fofo (her term of endearment for Mikael), there's no doubt that Megan is definitely living the dream of every fangirl.

Here are some of the cutest fangirl moments she shared with Mikael, which will no doubt inspire you to search for your very own real-life Oppa too. 

Concert buddies in SEVENTEEN's "Be The Sun" concert in Manila

Concert buddy reveal! Megan aju nice-d all night with Mikael during SEVENTEEN’s "Be The Sun" concert in Manila. The event, which was held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on Oct. 8 and 9, sure did give both the beauty queen and her hubby the time of their lives, as seen on her Instagram posts. 

"Si Fofo ang may hawak ng caratbong for 70% of the show hahaha pinagbigyan ko na since nakanood ako kahapon," the actress wrote on her Instagram Story showing her husband holding SEVENTEEN’s lightstick while jamming to his wife's favorite K-pop group.

Megan's real-life Jin

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A post shared by Megan Young (@meganbata)

For someone who has captivated the world with her charm as Miss World 2013, it's only fitting that Megan's bias is none other than BTS' Mister Worldwide Handsome, Jin. 

In a reply to one of her fan's tweet earlier this year, Megan revealed that Jin and BTS' leader RM are her biases because she thinks they resemble her husband. "I love them all really [sad face emoji] but Jin and Namjoon remind me of Fofo the most [hearts with face emoji]," the beauty queen wrote.

Proving how much of a supportive husband he is (and that he is indeed Megan's real-life Jin), Mikael even imitated Jin's look in his live stream last August. In a video posted on Instagram, Megan showed Jin’s look during his livestream and slowly walked over to her husband to show her husband’s permed hair, wearing the same pair of pajamas that Jin has in the photo. 

“Parang may kahawig ka na ah 🤪 nalilito na ako kung sino na yung asawa ko 🤣🤣🤣” she playfully wrote in her caption. Mikael can’t help but pout and just play along with his wife’s antics. 

Megan's budol police

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A post shared by Megan Young (@meganbata)

Any K-pop fan would know that it's hard to let a month pass by without your dose of budols—you know, those pretty and happiness-inducing merchandise that your idols release regularly. In an Instagram post last Sept. 19, Megan showed exactly what it feels like to be on a "merch ban" yet someone catches you spending on those whatnots again.

In the video, Megan opens her newly arrived merch as her husband sneaks on her and tells her that she’s supposed to be on a merch ban. And if someone as adorable as Mikael reprimands you, who are you to put up a fight, right?

The ideal Instagram husband

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A post shared by Megan Young (@meganbata)

During their trip to Korea last August, Megan of course, did not miss the chance to visit HYBE’s building, and her ever-supportive husband helped her re-create Jin’s teaser in the game In The Seom 

"P.S. maraming salamat sa asawa ko na director at cameraman nitong video 😘" she wrote. Proving that he is, indeed, the ideal Instagram hubby, Mikael playfully replied to Megans post, "Mag apply na ako videographer sa hybe🙌🙌🙌" 

Megan's ultimate bias

It seems like Mikael already knows how Megan’s fangirl lifestyle works, and he’s all-out in support of her happiness. Megan’s post might be full of her favorite groups, but with these posts also show how having someone who truly understands her makes her experience a lot better. 

One of these instances was when Megan visited the Behind The Stage: Permission To Dance exhibit in Los Angeles, USA. 

“Ang saya saya saya mag fan girl 😍 Salamat sa supportive kong asawa na wala nang tanong tanong kung sinong piliin ko sa photocard ako na daw bahala 😂 huehuehue and saya saya kooooooooo kahit na di ko nakita si Jin kanina dahil may date kami ng forever kong Fofo ahahahahaha kilig to the boneezy pa din akoooooo!!! 💜” Megan wrote on her Instagram post last July. And it looks like no amount of BTS charisma can beat Fofo in her heart!