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Oldest dog of Sharon Cuneta's family passes away: 'All our hearts at home are so heavy'

By NICK GARCIA Published Nov 14, 2023 12:41 pm

Bea, the oldest dog of Sharon Cuneta’s family, has crossed the rainbow bridge.

“All our hearts at home are so heavy,” the Megastar said in an Instagram post on Nov. 13.

She noted that Bea was a gift to her daughter Kakie from her late Ninong Mitch when she was seven years old.

Though the veterinarian “did everything he could to prolong her life a little bit more,” Bea passed away on Nov. 12.

“I really have no words and we’ve all been crying since yesterday,” Sharon said. “I will let Miel’s post express how we are all feeling.”

Sharon then copied the caption of her daughter, who recalled Bea as a “good dog” arriving when she “was just a baby.”

“I’ve known you since I could know anything at all. I grew up with you, from when your coat was bright and amber until it faded to white more and more each year,” Miel said. “You loved [Kakie] the same amount if not more than I do. Do you remember how the two of you used to run?”

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A post shared by miel (@mielpangilinan)

Miel remembered their father, former senator Kiko Pangilinan, carrying Bea like she was “a baby again” when she left them.

“Your arms were tucked up to your chest and your ears flopped over dad’s elbows,” she said.

Though Miel remembered getting scolded for playing with Bea’s ears when she was younger, she said her dad left one open so Bea “could listen to ate’s voice” before leaving.

She remembered giving Bea lots of treats and apologized for not bringing any when she came to visit, as well as for playing with Bea’s tail back then.

“I held you and pet you as gently as I could the day before you went,” Miel said, adding all the dogs started barking after Bea died.

“Even they felt the weight of your loss, the huge hole you’d left,” Miel said. “Even they needed to grieve for you, the same way I now cry and cry and cry.”

“I hope the food is good and your bed is warm and your rubber ball is red and the forests are full of trees to run around and sniff at to your heart’s content up there,” Miel told Bea. “I’ll see you again when I see you.”

Kakie, meanwhile, also took to Instagram to remember cherished moments with Bea, including running away with her when she was younger, calling her name in the old way, sitting on the floor with her, and playing the piano for her.

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“Thank you for being my best friend, even and especially on the days I had none,” she said. “Sixteen years is too long for someone like you and too short for someone like me but in that time you taught me a love so unconditional I have spent the last six hours wailing atop a crumpled heap of fresh laundry in a cold city tens of thousands of arm-stretches away.”

Kakie is in New York City taking up a course on literature and anthropology.

“I don’t know what this life is without you and I am so scared now at the prospect of finding out,” Kakie said. “But I hope in the next, our expired atoms can rearrange and perhaps even merge to make themselves ivory for piano keys or rubber for the bounciest of chew toys or best friends, again, in some new shape.”

“Maybe somebody like me will play us for somebody like you. maybe our red bouncy ball will fly. maybe I will see you soon,” Kakie concluded her post.