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Maggie Wilson calls out influencers who were allegedly paid for a smear campaign vs. her company

By NICK GARCIA Published Sep 26, 2023 4:26 pm

Maggie Wilson took to Instagram to call out influencers who were allegedly paid to run a smear campaign against her lifestyle company Acasa.

In her Instagram stories on Tuesday, Sept. 26, the model and TV host shared screenshots of TikTok accounts that used a particular screenshot in their videos.

"Feed them the screenshots and put together a smear campaign but next time don't get caught," Wilson wrote in a text image.

The screenshot bears the icon of her ex-husband, businessman Victor Consunji's current partner Rachel Carrasco, who Wilson said had filed a cyber-libel case against her rumored boyfriend Tim Connor. She noted the case was already dismissed.

Wilson accused Carrasco of paying influencers to attack her.

"The timestamps on those screenshots were all the same," she said. "The script is the same," adding that some comments and videos have been deleted.

"Just stop. It's embarrassing. Leave me alone," Wilson added.

Wilson also shared screenshots of alleged group chats containing an P8,000 offer for users with a huge following on social media. There's also an alleged script and photos to be used against her and Acasa.

She asked TikTok users who accepted the offer to come forward, lest face legal action.

Carrasco has yet to react to Wilson's pronouncements.

Maggie Wilson addresses influencers who are allegedly running a smear campaign against her.

Last Sept. 23, Wilson talked about an alleged theft in Acasa, and how an "ex" is supposedly attempting to bankrupt her.

"I don't even know where to begin, but I want to be transparent with you," Wilson said in a now-expired Instagram story. "Over the past several weeks, we have discovered that members of Acasa's staff have stolen large amounts of money from the company, which we are now taking legal action on."

She noted that while she's not in the country for over a year, she realized her name is above the door so she's taking "full responsibility."

"I trusted certain people to run the business and was let down," Wilson said, "but the accountability falls on me."

The 34-year-old also talked about an unnamed "ex" who's allegedly trying to bankrupt Acasa and her, "including millions of pesos of unpaid bills by his company."

"I do not wish to go into heavy detail on this," she said, adding things have been "extremely challenging" mentally, emotionally and financially.

Wilson announced her separation from Consunji in 2021 after 11 years of marriage. The two, who share a son together, have since aired their dirty laundry on social media, including filing cases and warrants of arrest.

Wilson then gave a shoutout to Connor, who's trying to reach out to clients despite not being involved with Acasa.

She urged customers to direct message Acasa's Instagram page their order number, name, and contact details to resolve the delayed deliveries.

"The issues in my personal have nothing to do with any of us, and I am sorry if you have been affected by this," she told customers, adding she isn't asking for sympathy, only providing "a bit of context."

"Thank you for standing by me in these difficult times," Wilson said. "Although it may take some time, it is my duty not to let you down."

Connor, meanwhile, on Sept. 24 posted a photo of him and Wilson expressing his admiration for her.

"Despite threats, court cases, and testing times many ask me why I stand by her?" he said.

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A post shared by Tim Connor (@iamtimconnor)

He said his "simple answer" is that he remembers what it's like to be at rock bottom, and how many people who were calling him when he was on top suddenly didn't return his calls when he was down.

"It doesn't matter now what I have or who I become," he said. "I will always be the same person with everything or nothing."

Connor said if he and Wilson went their own ways tomorrow, when she's on her feet again, she owes him "nothing," apart from her promise: that her son "gets all the care he needs after going through such a challenging time."

"I'm no hero," he said. "Tragedy humbles you."