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Omega X ends contract with agency over alleged abuse, sexual harassment from ex-CEO

By AYIE LICSI Published Nov 17, 2022 4:12 pm

Warning: This article includes mention of assault and sexual harassment.

K-pop boy group Omega X announced the termination of their exclusive contract with agency Spire Entertainment over allegations of abuse and sexual assault at the hands of the company's former CEO.

During a press conference on Nov. 16, the group's attorney Noh Jong Eon revealed their plans to take legal action. With all 11 members dressed in all black, they detailed how they experienced physical and verbal assault and sexual harassment for a year under the label.

"The only reason why we had put up [with the alleged violence] is because of the fear that we would lose our last chance. It was a second chance for all of us, and we didn't want to waste our time. We also believed we had to endure for our fans," Omega X leader Jaehan told the media.

"But it has come to a stage where we cannot tolerate it, and we're taking the courage for everyone who is also suffering from unfair treatment and for everyone who is striving for their dreams," he continued.

Jaehan also shared instances when Kang "forced" them to drink and "touched" them inappropriately.

"She not only forced us to drink after our practices, but she made sexually harassing comments and touched our thighs and faces, persistently abusing us sexually. Even when such meetings were over, she would continuously call and text us and verbally assault us," he said.

Member Hangyeom added that the ex-CEO told them they would not have another album if they rejected the drinks. He and other bandmates began to receive psychiatric help over the events.

"We had no choice but to stay with her and do as she wished. She'd also tell us there will be no next album if we reject drinking," he said.

Their other attorney Seo Joo Yeon called the group's experience with Kang an instance of "abuse of power."

"It wasn't just harassment, but she would touch the thigh and stick her face so close to the member's that he could feel her breath. This is a case of abuse of power, and if the victims had been female, [the assaulter] would have been heavily punished."

Year-long abuse

Omega X started with Spire Entertainment in June 2021, with Kang seemingly nice to the band, according to Seo. The abuse began later in November of that year.

In October, fans on Twitter reported that they saw the ex-Spire CEO, who was referred to by her surname Kang during the press conference, hitting the members after their Los Angeles concert. The agency later released an apology on Nov. 7, announcing the label chief in question had resigned.

Member Junghoon said they have not heard a genuine apology following the incident.

The group is filing a lawsuit against Spire Entertainment and Kang, following their contract termination. 

"We have suffered until now to protect Omega X's dream, but we're taking the courage to now protect our fans, families, and us, the members. We hope that everyone who is being mistreated somewhere in the world can pluck up the courage with our voice today. The 11 members of Omega X will not give up and continue to fight," Jaehan said.

The group has also created a new Instagram account independent from Spire Entertainment to address their fans.