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5 K-dramas with a touch of Christmas to warm you up this holiday

By Thea Marie Templanza Published Nov 17, 2022 8:51 pm Updated Nov 19, 2022 12:07 am

Admit it, Christmas wouldn't be complete without a dose of kilig.

While that may be true for most people, it doesn't mean you can only get that butterflies-in-your-stomach, I'm-walking-on-sunshine feeling by having someone to spend the cold season with.

Lest you forget, you can also get a love high by binge-watching new and old K-dramas starring your favorite oppas or Hallyu couples.

There are several K-dramas, including Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, Lovestruck in the City, and even the crowd favorite Boys Over Flowers, where the characters show what's it like to be in love during the Christmas season and help brighten up your holiday. 

To get you started, PhilSTAR L!fe has listed some of the K-drama that will fill your heart to overflowing—whether you're alone or with a special someone—during the merriest time of the year. 

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016) 

The perfect college romance that will give you the perfect amount of kilig and comfort. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is a story between athletes wherein Joon-Young (Nam Joo-hyuk), a university swimmer, meets his childhood friend, Bok-joo (Lee Sung-kyung), who turns out to be a university weightlifter. As they cross paths, love and new friendships ensue around them. 

The whole drama may not have the full Christmas-y vibes throughout all of its 16 episodes, but hey, there are special moments that our favorite couple shared during the holiday. This includes how Joon-Young went to Bok-joo and gave her heating pads and the heart-fluttering amusement park date in the middle of the cold season.  

Lovestruck in the City (2020) 

Expect to be on a love high in Lovestruck in the City, which depicts how six friends in their 20s and 30s look back on how they fell in love with each other in the style of a documentary film. This drama will show you how love comes into our lives in many different ways, with Ji Chang-Wook playing as the male lead Park Jae Won, an architect with a passionate and honest personality, and Kim Ji Won portraying the female protagonist Lee Eun Oh, a freelance marketer with a carefree attitude and an alter ego named Yoon Seon Ah. 

The two fell madly in love one summer while Eun Oh was in her alter ego identity. Lovestruck in the City then shows how falling in love will not only give you butterflies and energetic mornings, but also teach you how to be forgiving and accepting of others in times of hardships. The series premiered its first episode during the holidays and is meant to warm and fulfill the hearts of the viewers during the yuletide season. 

That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) 

This series is deemed by many K-drama fans as one of the classics, with premier actors Jo In-Sung and Song Hye-Kyo as its lead stars. That Winter, That Wind Blows is a story about a conman who pretends to be the late brother of an heiress to get money from a rich family, but ends up harboring feelings for his victim. 

It's sure to give you warmth this month, with kilig scenes set in the winter season and complete with snow and warm fuzzy coats everywhere.

While You Were Sleeping (2017)

While You Were Sleeping is a star-studded drama with Bae Suzy, Jung Hae In, and Lee Jong Suk as the main leads. As the name suggests, the drama follows field reporter Nam Hong Joo (Bae Suzy) who has the special ability to see accidents that are yet to happen in her dreams. Meanwhile, Jong Suk's Jung Jae Chan is a prosecutor who tries to stop Hong Joo's dreams from coming true. The two later team up with police officer Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae In) to stop more of these tragedies from happening. 

Although the drama did not happen entirely during winter, important events in the story took place while the snow was piling up in the streets. One of the most iconic scenes early into the drama would be the part where the main characters intersect on a highway, trying to stop an accident that they foresee in their dream.  

Boys Over Flowers (2009)  

Lastly, what's a K-drama list without the OG series Boys Over Flowers, right? This 2009 crowd favorite chronicles the high school life of Geum Jan-di (Kyoo Hye Sun), a working-class girl, who gets tangled up in the lives of Shinwa School's most elite group of young men, called F4, led by Gu Jun-Pyo (Lee Min Ho)/

While the story did not happen entirely during the winter, Boys Over Flowers will definitely warm your heart, especially during the episode Jun-Pyo braved the freezing weather and waited for Jan-di in N Seoul Tower for their supposed date.