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Kylie Verzosa calls out users body-shaming her: 'The amount of hate is absurd'

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Apr 22, 2024 2:52 pm

Kylie Verzosa spoke up against those who were shaming her "skinny" body and accusing her of having eating disorders after she posted a "Get Ready With Me" video on her Instagram account.

In the clip, the actress was seen showing off her diamond bikini top that she paired with some light-blue cargo pants and white boots for the annual festival hosted by high-end online retailer Revolve.

In the comments section, however, many social media users hurled insults and hateful remarks against Kylie for her appearance. Some noted how she was too "thin" for their liking, going as far as to say that she was unhealthy.

"You have to eat sweetie... you look malnourished which is no bueno (not good)," one user commented.

"Malnourished na pagkapayat! I [liked] her body last year," another wrote.

Some took it a step further by saying that she was suffering from anorexia, which is an eating disorder characterized by an abnormally low body weight.

"I hope you don't let the pressures of having a Victoria's Secret model warp your perception of what a healthy body is. This seems borderline anorexic," a commenter wrote.

Another agreed, "Parang may anorexia na siya. Hindi na bagay sobrang payat niya."

Others said, "Sumobra kapayatan niya. Para na siya galing sa sakit. Mas maganda siya dati. Sa true lang. Bakit ka nagkaganyan, hindi na fresh siya tingnan parang natuyot."

In the comments section, Kylie criticized the backwards mentality of her bashers and urged them to do better than shame one's body.

"The amount of hate I'm getting for my face and body is absurd, and it's only in the Philippines. Can you guys step up? We're behind in so many things already and still we're putting people down for the way we look," Kylie wrote in the comments section.

Despite the hate surrounding her post, there were still those who defended the local star and clapped back at those who were insulting her looks.

"Some of you come here as if you have a criteria for judging. Mind your own body na lang po," one user wrote. "She's fine and following her healthy diet."

Replying to the commenter, Kylie expressed her gratitude for taking her side before addressing her health.

"I'm perfectly healthy and happy, I eat healthy and I take very good care of my health. It's sad to see so many Filipinos judging their own," Kylie said.

While she is proud to come from the Philippines, she opened up about how instances like these "make it hard to appreciate home."

"I hope you guys are okay and just focus on yourselves and your own personal growth and well-being. Being kind to one another will always be in," she continued.

This is not the first time that Kylie had to make a statement to defend herself from body-shamers. She similarly addressed comments saying she was "too skinny" after she shared some vacation photos in January this year.