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November K-dramas you wouldn't want to miss, including one shot in the Philippines

By Myla Torres-Eder Published Nov 03, 2022 8:55 pm

Revenge drama? Check. Healing drama? Yes.

K-dramas with all the familiar elements we love are coming to streaming platforms this November. Reborn Rich and Revenge of Others chronicles the lives of vindictive individuals seeking justice for themselves and others, while Summer Strike and The Fabulous are ideal for when you want a dose of good vibes after a long day at work. 

And if you’re curious to see the Philippines in a K-drama, then you might want to check out one of these dramas on our list.

The Fabulous

Premiere Date: November 4 on Netflix
Cast: Choi Min-ho, Chae Soo-bin, Lee Sang-woon, Park Hee-jung

If slice-of-life dramas are your thing then you might want to include The Fabulous in your watch list. The story revolves around the ups and downs of working in the fashion world. SHINee’s Choi Min-ho is Ji Woo-min, a fashion photographer who lacks passion for his job. Opposite his character is Chae Soo-bin's Pyo Ji-eun, a hard-working marketer who struggles to survive in the cut-throat industry. If the story doesn’t appeal to you, Min-ho and Soo-bin’s sizzling chemistry in the trailer might be able to change your mind.

Behind Every Star

Premiere Date: November 7 on Netflix
Cast: Lee Seo-jin, Kwak Sun-young

Behind Every Star is another look at the inner workings of the entertainment industry, depicting the lives of managers and agents. It’s a remake of the French series Call My Agent. The theme sounds a bit similar to recent dramas such as Shooting Stars and Imitation set in the entertainment world so it would be interesting to see what this new drama has to offer.

Revenge of Others

Premiere Date: November 8 on Disney+
Cast: Lomon, Shin Ye-eun

Lomon of the zombie apocalypse series All of Us Are Dead is back in a new high school drama but this time, revenge is the overall theme. When Ok Chan-mi’s (Shin Ye-eun) twin brother dies, she sets out to find the truth behind his death. Together with Ji Soo-heon (Lomon), they take revenge against the perpetrators. Pinoy fans will be able to stream this drama when Disney+ finally becomes available in the Philippines on November 17.

Reborn Rich

Premiere Date: November 18 on Viu Philippines
Cast: Song Joong-ki, Lee Sung-min, Shin Hyun-been, Tiffany

From a vengeful mafia in Vincenzo, Song Joong-ki returns in another revenge drama but this time, with a dash of fantasy. In Reborn Rich, he plays the role of Yoon Hyun-woo, a loyal employee who is murdered by Jin Do-joon, the youngest son of the family he works for. Hyun-woo later comes back to life in the body of Do-joon and soon plots his revenge to take over the company. 


Premiere Date: November 18 on Netflix
Cast: Kim Young-kwang, Kang Hae-lim, Kim Yong-ji, Kim Soo-yeon

Somebody is a suspense thriller involving a social networking app similar to online dating geosocial networking mobile programs. Kim Sum (Kang Hae-lim) gets caught up in a series of murders connected to the app that she developed. The swipe-left-or-swipe-right world of online dating is oddly familiar which makes this thriller even more engaging.


Premiere Date: November on Disney+
Cast: Choi Min-sik, Son Seok-koo, Lee Dong-hwi, Heo Sung-tae, Ryu Hyun-kyung

If there’s a November K-drama that we’re really curious to see, then this is it and it’s not even the plot that matters. Some of the scenes in this K-drama were shot in the Philippines! A few of the main cast, including Reply 1988’s Lee Dong-hwi, filmed their scenes in the country earlier this year. This crime-action drama boasts of a powerhouse cast and follows the story of a would-be casino mogul who bets everything he has, including his life.

Summer Strike

Premiere Date: November on Viki
Cast: Im Si-wan, Kim Seol-hyun

Another healing drama is coming your way with Summer Strike, an adaptation of the webtoon I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything. Lee Yeo-Reum (Kim Seol-hyun) has a stable job and relationship. But when everything in her life takes a downturn, she leaves everything behind to move to the seaside. She then meets Ahn Dae-bum (Im Si-wan), an introverted librarian who used to have a promising career. The “moving to a small town” plot is giving us Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha vibes and we’re loving it.

So which of these November K-dramas will make it to your watch list?