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LISTEN: 7 BTS Jungkook solo songs that showcase his versatility and vulnerability

By Mica Rodriguez Published Nov 22, 2022 12:40 pm

He is not known as the ‘Golden Maknae of K-Pop’ for nothing.  

Jeon Jungkook or simply known to fans worldwide as Jungkook is currently trending worldwide because of his successful premiere live performance of the song Dreamers. On Sunday, Nov. 20, the K-pop superstar took to the stage and performed live with Qatari singer and producer Fahad Al-Kubaisi at Qatar’s Al Bayt Stadium during the FIFA World Cup 2022 opening ceremony.

For members of the BTS ARMY, Jungkook is that talented kid in the group who can sing, dance, act, paint, write songs and play numerous sports. Is there anything he can’t do? His live performance during the World Cup serves as an introduction of him as a soloist and we’re happy to know that he is starting to gain more attention and interest among new audiences.  

As we celebrate Jungkook’s recent victory and the official release of the Dreamers music video, let us take a look back at the talented performer’s original solo tracks! 


Let us start with BEGIN. 

In 2016, BTS released their second full album entitled Wings. Each member was given a chance to record a solo song. 

Begin is the solo track of Jungkook penned by BTS leader RM. The song is all about Jungkook’s journey as a young dreamer from Busan who traveled to Seoul at the young age of 15 to make his dreams come true. He reminisces about having “nothing” and feeling “small” when he reached Seoul. Despite feeling alone in the big city, meeting his six brothers made him want to start his journey to superstardom with them. In a way, this is a tribute to his hyungs and how they influenced him to be who he is today. 

During the Wings World Tour, then 19-year old Jungkook was the first solo performer and he set the pace of the setlist with his complex footwork + stable vocals + energetic moves as he performed on stage. Golden Maknae indeed! 


Euphoria is probably the most popular Jungkook solo song as of this writing as it was featured in a number of TV shows. Released in 2018 as part of the Love Yourself: Answer album, this hopeful song talks about the overwhelming feeling of happiness that one feels. It can either be interpreted as Jungkook’s personal feelings when he is with his members (like in the BTS Universe storyline) or how he feels he is ‘in utopia’ whenever he feels the love of ARMY. 

The highlight of his solo stage during the Love Yourself World Tour was when he was lifted by a harness and flew around the stadium while singing the second chorus of the songs. Imagine Jungkook singing ‘you are the cause of my euphoria’ as he flies over you like a real-life superhero – with stable vocals at that!

My Time 


Lyric-wise, My Time from the 2020 BTS album Map of the Soul: 7 hits the most. With the lyrics mainly written by Jungkook himself, the superstar looks back on his journey as a teenager who started training, working and eventually reaching stardom at a young age. He compares his past-paced life into a movie and how he questions his decision to choose this lifestyle at times. 

In a way, Jungkook didn’t have a ‘normal’ teenage life and he can’t help but wonder how people his age are doing in life? He wonders if he is missing out a lot in life with the constant flying and demanding schedule. Is it all worth it to sacrifice your time as a teenager for his current position as one of the biggest pop stars in the world?  

So far, Jungkook only performed My Time live twice at the Map of the Soul ON:E concert in 2020. Though the lyrics of the song is rather personal, Jungkook presented two memorable performances that will make one say it was all worth the wait and yes, he is meant to be a performer. 

Still With You 

How much do BTS members love their fans? 

Every year, the group celebrates FESTA to commemorate the group’s anniversary. It’s been a tradition that at least one or two members release a special song. In 2020, Jungkook gifted fans with the ethereal and calming Still With You which he himself wrote and produced with the guidance of PDogg. 

When he was interviewed by SUGA via Honey FM 06.13, Jungkook shared that he wanted to express his feelings towards ARMY when he wrote the song. He was ‘alone in a dark room’ when he thought of it. In a way, it was an assurance on Jungkook’s part that he and his group mates will always be with ARMY despite the fact that the global pandemic affected millions of people worldwide. I remember feeling comforted when I heard the song for the first time back in June 2020. Thank you, JK. Make more of these, please? 

Stay Alive 


When HYBE announced the original webtoon 7FATES: CHAKHO, a lot of fans hoped for an official soundtrack recorded by BTS and if possible, an animated series or movie. 

Stay Alive was sung by Jungkook and produced by SUGA. The beat and melody was created by SUGA a long time ago and he confirmed that it is the track he and Jung Kook were working on while filming ‘In The SOOP 2’ back in 2021. The lyrics complements what the characters of the webtoon were dealing with "as they try to survive in a vicious [corrupt] world" while having to "overcome numerous hardships and trials". With Suga’s heart-wrenching lyrics and JungKook’s heartfelt interpretation, Stay Alive comes out as a powerful track that triggers certain emotions.  We’re patiently waiting for the day Jungkook will be able to sing this song live onstage! 

My You 

Jungkook once again showed his love and appreciation for ARMY this year when he uploaded his solo song My You on June 12, 2022, just days after the release of the ‘PROOF’ album. It is the Golden Maknae’s love letter to fans where he thanked them for all the love and appreciation they’ve given him through the years. 

Once again, ‘My You’ is yet another assurance that ARMY has a special place in his heart. Why are you so sweet, Jungkookie? 


“Look who we are, we are the dreamers 

We make it happen, ’cause we believe it 

Look who we are, we are the dreamers 

We make it happen ’cause we can see it.” 

Once upon a time, a young dreamer from Busan took a risk and traveled to Seoul to audition in a reality show. Though he didn’t make the cut, it paved the way for his discovery and he was offered a position as a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment. A few years later, he debuted as Jung Kook, the main vocalist/dancer and maknae of BTS and now, the world is in awe. The talent and stage presence he showed during his live performance at the opening of the 2022 FIFA World Cup with the song Dreamers featuring Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi on backing vocals is one for the books. 

Seeing Jungkook singing Dreamers on that grand stage on his own reminds us of the time BTS debuted with the song No More Dream. Now, that once hopeful newbie is living his dream.  

Now the biggest question is, when will JJK1 be out?