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Megan Young gets real about her fears of getting pregnant

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Sep 25, 2022 11:21 am

Pregnancy is never an easy journey for women as it frequently entails complications that could put both the lives of the mother and the child at risk. Megan Young is well aware of this, she said as she bared her fears of getting pregnant in a podcast.

The former Miss World titleholder began by sharing a story about how she was asked five times about having kids at a recent event she went to. She put it simply: "My answer to those questions would be if we'll have kids, then we'll have kids. If we don't, we don't. So if I get pregnant, then okay. And if not, then we just continue living life."

Her husband Mikael Daez had a similar response: "We're going with the flow, and it's really up to Bonez (Megan), because like you said, you are the baby carrier, and I just tell them that I'm just here to support."

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The two of them said that back when they were still dating, they had casual thoughts about having children. But as they entered married life, their thoughts on the topic have gotten more serious.

"I remember you saying that you wanted a lot of kids and I always thought na we'll probably have one or two, but I think it's only when we got married and we started seeing life for what it was and the pandemic happened, parang doon ko lang naisip na parang hindi ako sure kung gusto ko magka-baby," Megan shared.

She explained her reasons why she was hesitant on welcoming a child, noting that it's a big responsibility. Adding that she's already satisfied with the life she has with Mikael, Megan revealed her fears when it comes to getting pregnant.

"Getting pregnant is always a risk. Sabi nila it's a choice and it's a risky thing for the human body. I guess I'm afraid of complications for myself and for the child if I ever do get pregnant. That's my number one fear, getting sick or dying from having a baby," she said.

Her worries also involve the change her body has to go through during the nine-month process.

"My body change is something that I am scared of because I don't know how my body will react to pregnancy so that's a very unknown kind of thing to me, even though I've had friends and family get pregnant in the last couple of years. I'm just scared of the unknown," she said.

"Not being able to know what's going to happen to my body or how my body is going to react really scares me," she added.

Mikael reassured her by saying that whenever he does something, he always just tries to focus on what he can control instead of what he couldn't and that lessens stressful thoughts he has.

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