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Hugh Grant receives backlash for 'rude' Oscars red carpet interview with Ashley Graham

By Melanie Uson Published Mar 13, 2023 3:36 pm

Hugh Grant gave a very awkward interview with Ashley Graham at the 95th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California on Monday, March 13 (Philippine time), leaving social media abuzz.

During the red-carpet interview, the 62-year-old actor seemingly rolled his eyes and gave very straightforward replies to the supermodel's questions.

Ashley first asked Hugh what his favorite thing about the awards show is. Hugh replied, saying it was "fascinating" and that the "whole of humanity is here."

She then asked if he was rooting for any actor to win an Oscar, but he bluntly replied: "No one in particular."

Ashley, who was all smiles during the interview, asked another questiom. “OK, well what are you wearing tonight, then?”

“Just my suit,” Hugh said. When asked about who made it, Hugh just answered: “I can’t remember my tailor.” 

Ashley went on to ride his answer and then said, “That’s okay, shoutout to the tailor,” before shifting the topic to Hugh's cameo in the Netflix film, Knives Out 2: Glass Onion. She asked how his experience has been in taking part in the hit movie.

“Well, I'm barely in it, I’m in it for about three seconds,” he answered.

Hugh Grant slammed for ‘rude’ responses during Oscars interview with Ashley Graham.

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) March 13, 2023

Attempting to “salvage” the interview, Ashley noted that the actor still "showed up and you had fun."

“Um, almost,” an annoyed Hugh replied. 

When Ashley thanked the actor, Hugh was seen raising both his eyebrows before leaving.

The interaction left the internet cringing, calling out the Bridget Jones' Diary star for his “rude answers.” 

“The moment he called the Oscars Vanity Fair and she thought he meant the after party, the interview was over,” said a Twitter user.

 One Twitter user wrote: “Why did he even agree to be interviewed?” 

“[T]he most awkward interaction [I] ever remember witnessing on television,” another user shared. 

Others commended Ashley for being able to navigate the interview despite Hugh's answers. 

“Ashley handled that perfectly, I don’t think I could’ve kept it moving like she did,” said one user. 

This was supported by another one, saying: “she did so well he was making me wanna gauge my eyes out.” 

On the other hand, some believed that Hugh wasn’t rude, and that the interviewer should have asked “better questions” to begin with. 

“She asked him 'WHAT are you wearing,'he replied ;My suit.' She asked him what it felt like to star in Glass Onion, a role that was all of maybe 5 mins? Perhaps whoever was feeding her questions should’ve asked better questions,” a Twitter user wrote. 

While others believe that the questions do not fit him: “Think the questions just weren't for him. Like what suit he has on? Probably just something his tailor pulled from the closet. How was it acting in a movie for 3 seconds.. quick lol. Only question maybe he could have answered was who he hoped to win an Oscar.”

Hugh was one of the award presenters in this year’s Academy Awards. He presented the award for the Best Production Design category with Andie MacDowell, his co-star in the 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

He is best known for his portrayal in classic films Notting Hill. Love Actually, and Music and Lyrics, among others.