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LISTEN: 8 BTS Jin solo songs that will encourage you to stay true and love yourself

By Mica Rodriguez Published Dec 07, 2022 2:34 pm

BIGHIT Music recently announced the military enlistment of Kim Seokjin a.k.a. JIN, the well-loved hyung of the group.

Of course, we will feel emotional about it, but we would also like to celebrate this milestone in his personal life. It could be by singing and streaming his songs, watching the content he and the group have made for us, supporting the band and other members’ solo projects, playing our go-to BTS game, hugging our BT21 RJ plushies, and simply living in the moment. Just like Jin.

Even if he is often the guy who tries to keep things light with his antics and initiates projects that would make an event extra memorable, he is also the member of the group whose powerful vocals make us feel something. In contrast to his happy boy persona, Jin shows his personal sentiments as a human being through his solo tracks. Here are some of our favorites.


AWAKE is the ninth track from the BTS album Wings. The 2016 album is a breakthrough record for the group and it's quite easy to see why. BTS embraced darker concepts and each member of the band was given the chance to record their solo track.

Jin’s solo song showcases his vocal range and heartfelt interpretation of an emotion-filled track. It talks about one’s fear and insecurities. He is afraid to dream big because he knows that he lacks in some areas. After admitting his self-doubts, he is still determined to work hard in order to succeed in whatever he is in.

If you’re familiar with the fictional BTS Universe, you may relate the lyrics to his character’s frustrations in helping his six friends. In reality, Jin has been honest about his worries in terms of performing and keeping up with his members, yet he is living proof that when you’re determined to improve and work hard, you will soon reach your full potential. 


Epiphany has been dubbed the anthem of self-love among BTS ARMY. This soft-rock ballad talks about prioritizing yourself first. In real life, we often get into situations where we sacrifice our own happiness to make the ones who are special to us happy. We compromise to the point that it makes us feel drained and empty.

Some fans claim that this track helped them in a spiritual sense. It also encouraged them to face whatever challenges they’re faced with. Jin’s live performances of Epiphany during the Love Yourself World Tour feature him playing the piano and singing his heart out. He belts the high notes in the bridge as if you’ve reached the stairway to heaven. Is he an angel in human form? We can’t help but love him more. Thank you, Seokjin, for reminding us to love ourselves first!


Tonight is a track released by Jin as a gift for ARMY in the FESTA celebration in 2019. This ballad talks about the fear of losing someone special to you.

In a blog post, Jin revealed that he wrote the lyrics with his beloved pets in mind. The maltese dog Jjangu, who was loved by Jin’s family for twelve years passed away in 2017. He also had two sugar gliders named Eomuk (who passed away in 2018) and Odeng (who also died in 2019).

The pain of losing a constant companion and not seeing them again can hurt a lot. In a way, this is a comfort song for those who are missing something or someone who once became an important part of their lives.


Compared to his past solo releases, Jin wrote a lighter song that one can dance to. Take note of the kilig-worthy lyrics, too.

Moon is Jin’s first song tribute to their ever-loyal supporters. BTS and ARMY have a special unique bond that probably other fandoms cannot understand. In the song, Jin is represented by the moon and ARMY is the Earth. At times, the moon can’t help but wonder if the Earth thinks of him, too, and if it's aware how beautiful its existence is. Isn’t that sweet? BTS and ARMY work together to make their dreams come true.


Jin revealed that he doesn’t want to share his sad feelings with fans. He only wants to show the good things. But it is different when it comes to music.

Through the song Abyss, he was able to express how he felt when he had a major burnout. The success of BTS that year particularly with Dynamite reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 made him question if he was deserving of such achievement.

After receiving counseling, he was encouraged by Bang PD to turn his feelings into a song. For Abyss, he worked with Bumzu (co-producer of NU’EST and Seventeen albums). While Jin and Bumzu are both known for their bright and sunny personalities, they agreed to work on a song discussing the anxiety he felt during that time. Even if it has a depressing theme, in a way, this song gave comfort to the listeners who were also going through that face. RM also contributed the lyrics to the song’s chorus.

Abyss served as a way for Jin to make us recognize that as human beings, we do feel down and sad at times. It is better that we acknowledge it and accept our emotions wholly.


Back in 2017, BTS members V and Jin collaborated on the song It’s Definitely You for the OST of the K-drama Hwarang, in which Kim Taehyung (a.k.a. V) starred. Since then, a lot of K-drama viewers were hoping that Jin will record another OST.

This wish came true in 2021 when Jin was tapped to record the main theme song of the star-studded mystery thriller drama Jirisan starring Jun-Ji-Hyun. The song is about one’s longing for someone, yet for some reason, he can’t physically be with this person. He is waiting patiently to be reunited with her again.

Super Tuna

A 1-minute song about fishing is included in this list?! Why not?

After making his fans cry over his birthday gift to ARMY in 2020 (Abyss), Jin surprised his fans during his live stream in 2021 when he revealed his fun song Super Tuna. If there’s a superstar who is vocal about his love for fishing, it’s Jin. He loves fishing so much even if he rarely catches a good one (as seen on the BTS reality shows Bon Voyage 3: Malta and In The SOOP).

Jin once again collaborated with Bumzu. The two even went on a fishing trip and wrote the lyrics on the spot. When they played the song, Jin caught Tuna. From there, Super Tuna was born.

The Super Tuna challenge trended worldwide and kids loved dancing to the song with a catchy melody and easy-to-follow lyrics. This just proves that there’s no harm in writing a song about something you’re interested in—no matter how ridiculous it might sound to others at first. If you know you could make someone happy with a unique song, then it’s all worth the risk.

Super Tuna is a short yet effective song when you need an energy boost. Some fishermen claimed that they were able to catch Tuna while singing the song. Hmm...

The Astronaut

Last but not the least, The Astronaut! With the help of Chris Martin and Coldplay, Jin was able to produce the heartwarming song. Just like his 2020 solo track Moon, this track is dedicated once again to ARMY.

Two days after the BTS Yet To Come Live in Busan on October 15, Big Hit Music announced that Jin will be enlisting in the military to fulfill his duties as a citizen of South Korea. The Astronaut serves as his love letter to ARMY—and an assurance that he will be back soon.

In a way, The Astronaut is like an embrace from an old friend reassuring that he treasures your friendship and he will be back soon. You can interpret the music video in many ways, but the bottom line is Jin’s bond with ARMY started with no expectations yet it progressed into a lifelong relationship that is indestructible.

Now that we’ve listed Jin’s solo tracks, which song speaks to you the most? Don’t you just love the variety?