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Leni Robredo says she can watch K-dramas after her term as VP—here are 16 binge-able recommendations

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jun 29, 2022 7:53 pm

Leni Robredo can finally binge-watch K-dramas in her free time after six years. 

During her final press briefing as VP, Robredo opened up about being excited to return to her private life where she can finally go on vacations, read books, and watch K-dramas.

“Very liberating isipin na kung gusto kong magbakasyon, makakapag-bakasyon na ako. After tomorrow, makakapanood na ako ng mga K-drama. Mababasa ko na lahat ng mga libro na gusto kong basahin,” Robredo said. 

Robredo, who’s an avid fan, said in a January 2022 interview that she prefers series with “light and fun” plots and she has a soft spot for Gong Yoo. So, we’ve compiled a list of feel-good K-dramas that she can add to her must-watch list. 

A Business Proposal

Cast: Kim Sejeong, Ahn Hyoseop, Kim Minkyu, Seol Inah

Combine fake dating and a funny meet-cute, and you’ve got a lighthearted rom-com that tugs your heartstrings. A Business Proposal tells two love stories of the rich-meets-poor trope with the couples having storylines of their own. Shin Hari (Kim Sejeong) and Kang Taemoo (Ahn Hyoseop) enter a fake relationship, while Cha Sunghoon (Kim Minkyu) and Jin Youngseo (Seol Inah) fall in love at first sight.

Shopping King Louie

Cast: Seo Inguk, Nam Jihyun, Yoon Sanghyun, Im Semi

Even K-drama leads have their magastos side too. Ask Louis (Seo Inguk), a man who lives to spend money even after losing his memory. He eventually meets Bokshil (Nam Jihyun) who teaches him that life is not about wasting your hard-earned money on things you don’t need. 

Mr. Queen

Cast: Shin Hyesun, Kim Junghyun

Body-swap romance à la Joseon dynasty, anyone? Mr. Queen combines historical romance and fantasy as it tells the story of Jang Bonghwan (Choi Jinhyuk) who suddenly wakes up in the body of Kim Soyong or Kim Cheorin (Shin Hyesun). She initially clashes with Yi Wonbeom (Kim Junghyun) who eventually becomes King Cheoljong during the series.

100 Days My Prince

Cast: Do Kyungsoo, Nam Jihyun, Kim Seonho, Han Sohee

 Who knew this series had such a stellar cast? Acting chops aside, the historical romance feels like a coming-of-age for Prince Lee Yul or Na Wondeuk (Do Kyungsoo) who experiences life outside the palace and finds love with a childhood friend along the way. Before the series ends, make sure to count the number of times Wondeuk would say “Oho!”  

Racket Boys

Cast: Kim Sangkyung, Oh Nara, Tang Junsang, Son Sangyeon, Choi Hyunwook, Kim Kanghoon, Lee Jaein, Lee Jiwon


As the title suggests, Racket Boys tells the story of the boys’ badminton team at the fictional Haenam West Middle School. The team is on the verge of disbandment with the players dealing with their own inner demons. They were soon introduced to their new coach Yoon Hyeonjong (Kim Sangkyung) who brings the team to new heights. 

Soundtrack # 1

Cast: Han Sohee, Park Hyungsik


Short but sweet, Soundtrack # 1 takes us along the friends-to-lovers ride with Han Seonwoo (Park Hyungsik) and Lee Eunsoo (Han Sohee). The pair have been friends for 20 years, and Seonwoo has been in love with Eunsoo for eight years. There’s something about the friends-to-lovers trope done right, and this K-drama has ticked all the boxes in just four episodes.

Rookie Historian Goo Haeryung

Cast: Shin Sekyung, Cha Eunwoo

Another historical romance done right, Rookie Historian intertwines the “Nowadays: Nokseodang” and “Twenty years ago: Seoraewon” storylines that go deeper into South Korea’s history. The main attractions of the series focus on brave female historian Goo Haeryung (Shin Sekyung) and royal blood Prince Dowon (Cha Eunwoo). 

Be Melodramatic

Cast: Chun Woohee, Jeon Yeobeen, Han Jieun 

If you’re in the mood for a 30-something-K-drama made camp, Be Melodramatic is the one you’re looking for. The series follows a show within a show format, diving into the day-to-day wins and dilemmas of Lim Jinjoo (Chun Woohee), Lee Eunjung (Jeon Yeobeen), and Hwang Hanjoo (Han Jieun). 

You Drive Me Crazy

Cast: Lee Yooyoung, Kim Seonho

What happens if you sleep with your best friend—a disaster or a love story worth telling? The four-episode You Drive Me Crazy dives into the complicated relationship of Han Eunsung (Lee Yooyoung) and Kim Raewan (Kim Seonho) who enter uncharted territory after a night of pleasure. Both have feelings for one another but they have pushed them aside for their friendship.

My Only Love Song

Cast: Lee Jonghyun, Gong Seungyeon, Lee Jaejin, Jin Yeju

Song Soojung (Gong Seungyeon) believes that her status as an actress can get her anywhere—until she falls into a “magical van.” She suddenly finds herself in the Goryeo Dynasty where she crosses paths with Ondal The Fool (Lee Jonghyun), Byun Samyong (Lee Jaejin), and Princess Pyunggang (Jin Yeju).

I Am Not A Robot

Cast: Yoo Seungho, Chae Soobin

Apparently, you can fall in love with a robot. Or maybe it’s a case that’s unique to Kim Minkyu (Yoo Seungho) and his adoration for AJI 3—who’s Jo Jiah (Chae Soobin) in disguise. After a tech experiment has gone wrong, Jiah is forced to become the stand-in for AJI 3 (a humanoid robot modeled after her) and Minkyu’s right-hand android. 

Do You Like Brahms?

Cast: Kim Minjae, Park Eunbin

Let’s set the record straight—classical music is not boring, thanks to Do You Like Brahms. The feel-good romance tells the story of Park Joonyoung (Kim Minjae) and Chae Songah (Park Eunbin) who discover their talents, true selves, and love as they study classical music at a prestigious university.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Cast: Hwang Jungeum, Yook Sungjae, Choi Wonyoung

Fancy a magical bar that grants your wishes? Take a trip to Mystic Pop-Up Bar which revolves around a mysterious outdoor bar that helps customers fulfill their dreams. The bar is owned by Han Kangbae (Yook Sungjae), Weolju (Hwang Jungeum), and Chief Gwi (Choi Wonyoung) who were sent on a mission to atone for their past sins. 

Splash Splash Love

Cast: Kim Seulgi, Yoon Doojoon

Remember the web novel adaptation Love in the Moonlight starring Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung? Well, Splash Splash Love is also an adaptation of the same material—but with an element of time travel and magic realism. The series tells the story of Jang Danbi (Kim Seulgi) who can travel to the Joseon Dynasty by jumping into a puddle of water. Danbi soon meets and falls in love with King Sejong (Yoon Doojoon).

Soul Mate

Cast: Shin Dongwook, Lee Sookyung, Philip Choi, Sa Kang 

If Shakespeare ever produced a K-drama, Soul Mate will probably be his body of work. The series revolves around Dongwook (Shin Dongwook) and Sookyung (Lee Sookyung) who share the same degree of passion in their respective love lives until fate works its magic to bring them together. 

Girls Generation 1979

Cast: Bona, Chae Seojin, Seo Youngjoo, Lee Jonghyun

Set in the 70s, the series is a tale of friendship that grew from initial resentment. Lee Junghee (Bona) and Park Hyejoo (Chae Seojin) get entangled in a web of feelings between senior students until they mend their differences and become best friends.