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IU's agency responds to plagiarism claims

By Camille Santiago Published May 11, 2023 10:59 am

IU’s agency has released a public statement regarding claims that the K-pop star has plagiarized some of her songs.

EDAM Entertainment issued a statement on May 10, saying that they had reached out to an investigation agency months ago after several malicious posts against IU has been made. However, it was through media reports where they found out that an anonymous individual has filed a police report against their artist for plagiarizing some of her songs.

"In regards to this, we currently have not officially received contact from the investigation agency, so we first became aware of the fact that a complaint [was filed] through a report. We have not checked the contents of the official complaint mentioned by the press, and we inform you that we are in the process of figuring out that information," they said.

They said that the accusations are also affecting everyone else around IU.

"Furthermore, those who constantly circulate distorted and false information are attacking not only the artist but also the agency staff as well as their workplace and acquaintances with mental and verbal violence, causing great damage. We are plenty aware of the seriousness of the issue, and we determined that we could no long sit idly or overlook this issue."

EDAM Entertainment stated that spreading "groundless and false information as if they are true is clearly illegal," adding that they are taking "strong legal action" against those who do so.

"The agency plans on taking strong legal action without leniency against criminal acts of repeatedly uploading malicious posts of defamation and attacking [the artist’s] character or reproducing false information," IU's agency said.

The South Korean agency also said that they are doing their best to trace the sources of the posts to "protect the rights of our agency’s artists."

"And in this process, we emphasize that we will respond even more strongly without leniency or settlement. Additionally, we inform that we will not stop our strong response to crime such as thoughtless accusations and harm from third parties based on false information," they added.

Furthermore, they are asking fans to help report malicious posts and rumors "that infringe of the artist’s personal rights" by sending them an email.

Earlier that day, it was reported that an anonymous individual has filed a complaint against IU for violating the copyright law. The person claimed that a total of six of IU’s songs including The red shoes, Good Day, BBIBBI, pitiful, Boo, and Celebrity were plagiarized.

Reports said that the police is "currently reviewing" the complaint and will investigate.