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'The Glory' actress Cha Joo-young bares if CGI, body double were used in Hye-jeong's nude scenes

By Ratziel San Juan Published Mar 16, 2023 9:51 am Updated Mar 16, 2023 9:53 am

K-drama actress Cha Joo-young has revealed the circumstances behind her nude scenes in The Glory's Part 2, released on March 10.

Joo-young, who portrayed flight attendant Choi Hye-jeong, had two separate undressing scenes with the character's fellow bullies Jeon Jae-jun and Park Yeon-jin.

In the first of two nude scenes, Hye-jeong enters a bathtub after Jae-jun, revealing her bare back. In the other scene, she removes her top in front of Yeon-jin to spite the latter, showing off her bare breasts.

The actress has clarified to South Korean media outlets that she had a body double for her scene with Jae-jun.

"There was a body double prepared and CG was also prepared. There was a lot of effort put into the second part of The Glory and the important parts were written. I didn’t just take off my clothes for no reason... In the scene with Jae-jun, when my back is showing, a body double was used," Joo-young said.

Meanwhile, it was all her in the scene with Yeon-jin. Her topless bit, however, had been augmented with computer graphics (CG).

"Hyejeong herself made it clear she had breast augmentation surgery. But I haven’t had that, and the part that many people are curious about is whether CG was involved in that scene. But rather than not taking my clothes off, yes, that was my body. It might sound vague, but I wanted to accurately point it out... In the scene where I am wearing a shirt and taking that off, yep, that part was my body. But in that scene, there was some editing done through CG," Joo-young said.

Hye-jeong bullied Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) in high school with her friends, who made it clear that she would've been their victim if not for Dong-eun. She was often belittled due to her blue-collar background, which led her to become ostentatious in her adulthood, borrowing clothes from her family's dry cleaning business and pursuing rich men.

Song Hye-kyo similarly undressed for one scene to show Dong-eun's scars from head to toe.

The Glory revolves around a woman who suffered childhood violence and now dedicates her life to executing a series of vengeful acts against her bullies and their accomplices. The second part of the show is now streaming on Netflix.