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Like fine wine: These local celebrities still look great even with the ‘aged’ filter

By Jullianne Mora Published Jul 19, 2023 3:48 pm

Imagine being able to see yourself 30, 40 or 50 years into the future. Until recently, this was impossible. But now, thanks to a viral "aged" filter on TikTok, users can get a glimpse of their future selves.

The filter, which uses artificial intelligence to generate an image of what you might look like as an older person, has been used by many people around the world. Some celebrities have also tried the filter, and their reactions have been mixed. Other celebrities have embraced the outcome, while others were shocked at how they look.

Here is a list of some Filipino celebrities who have tried the "aged" filter on TikTok:

Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine Cruz is an actress and singer who truly embodies the word "sunshine." She has a captivating beauty that is ageless, and she looks more like a sister to her three daughters than a mother.

Sunshine recently shared a TikTok video of herself using the viral filter, and everyone agreed that she would still be beautiful in the future.

At 44 years old, Sunshine is still one of the hottest product endorsers in the country, and she continues to amaze fans with her youthful face, slender frame, and glowing skin.

Sunshine also shares her ageless beauty on Instagram, where she frequently posts photos of her natural look and youthful fashion.

Ina Raymundo 

Ina Raymundo, 47, is praised for her ageless beauty and appeal. Like Sunshine, fans have noted that she could pass for her children's older sister, as she appears young and captivating next to them.

The actress recently tried the trending "aged" filter on TikTok with her husband, Brian Poturnak. The filter showed how they might look in the future.

"Sometimes, I still can't believe that I've been with this man since June 2000," Ina wrote in her TikTok post.

Ina's followers were amazed to see that she didn't look much different. "Sana all forever young looking," one follower commented.

Kris Bernal

Kris Bernal is only in her 30s but she is already embracing aging—wrinkles and all! 

The soon-to-be mother shared some words of wisdom on her TikTok post. “To begin with, don't obsess over beauty. Or rather, what society tells you beauty is,” she said.

Aiko Melendez 

Some people have a timeless beauty that only a select few people are blessed with, and this includes the ever-talented actress Aiko Melendez!

In her TikTok post, all Aiko could say is “#OMG.” The actress is seen with disbelief on her face after seeing how she would look in the future. Nonetheless, her followers still think that she looks fantastic.

Dennis Trillo 

Like all of his previous TikTok, Dennis Trillo continued to draw laughs as he tried the “aged” filter. 

“Balita ko ito daw ang uso ngayon sa TikTok sa mga kabataan,” he said. The actor then proceeded to sing TikTok hit Savage Love by Jason Derulo in an old man's voice which fans found hilarious.

Joross Gamboa, Rocco Nacino, and Sophie Albert


The Missing Husband stars Joross Yambao, Rocco Nacino, and Sophie Albert tried the filter and they also have a funny take. 

“Mukhang mag iinuman tayo kahit 100 years old na tayo” Rocco said on the video, which Joross agreed to.

When the actors tried the filter on their co-star Sophie Albert, they were shocked that the actress still looked amazing! 

“Ay maganda – in fairness di ka tumanda!” Joross said.