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Clapback queen: Heart Evanglista's most savage responses to disses on social media

By AYIE LICSI Published Jun 21, 2022 4:47 pm

Heart Evangelista is no stranger to false claims and shaming on social media.

The fashion icon shares a lot of her life on Instagram, and the comments sections of her posts can get pretty wild, with people making remarks on her body, her relationships, and other aspects of her personal life. When some of these comments go over the line, though, Heart on occasion claps back and she always has the sassiest yet classiest responses.

"I guess every year as we grow older, we realize our self-worth. If before I allowed people to step on me and bully me, not anymore," she said in a TikTok answering a fan who noticed the actress was more "palaban" in 2022.

@lme85 Reply to @diaryngkulot ♬ original sound - Heart Evangelista

Here are some of Heart's most savage clapbacks to haters on social media.

The "gold digger" diss

On June 20, Heart responded to a netizen claiming that she is a "gold digger." The actress responded to the false accusation a few hours later.

"I don't need anyone to survive. I am a woman and a woman can be or do anything she wants if she wills it. Remember I said that," Heart tweeted.

On having kids

We all have that tita asking us when we're having kids, but Heart has the internet asking her that pressuring question. A commenter asked her on TikTok why she and husband Chiz Escudero don't have kids.

"Ayoko eh," she said. "If I'm not sad about it, why are you even?"

The TikTok was captioned: "Chill. Not your uterus. Being a mom shouldn't be the only source of happiness. My goodness. What are you going to do when your kids have their own life?"

@lme85 Reply to @judy_arbondad ♬ original sound - Heart Evangelista

Facing unsolicited advice

During Paris Fashion Week, Heart joked about maxing out her credit card at the event. This was taken seriously by a netizen who even scolded the socialite about her spending.

"Like the top influencers say, 'Never use your credit card on luxury.' Think cash only, or Chiz! You wouldn't spend that kind of [money] if you had a baby," the commenter said.

Heart responded to this by saying, "I would spend double if I had a baby."

Heart and Chiz married in February 2015 and got pregnant with twins back in 2018. Both babies were lost after a miscarriage, causing pregnancy to be a sensitive topic for the 37-year-old.

Burning body shamers

When Heart shares photos showing skin, netizens flock to comment—while most remain on the positive side, some commenters make uncalled-for remarks on her body.

Take this photo of Heart and Chiz for example, an online user said her underarm looked wrinkled. The actress then gave them a lesson on skin.

"Hi perfect! Habang may dugo ka sa katawan, your skin will move, bulge, wrinkle, or stretch :) Di naman wax figure unless pa edit ko? Ayoko naman yun :) stay perfect share naman tips :)" Heart replied.

Injecting humor in her clapbacks

Heart still looks radiantly youthful at 37 years old, but sometimes bashers age her up, telling her she looks 50 in some of her photos.

The socialite responded to the attempted jab with humor, saying, "I feel like I'm 70 actually."