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Heart Evangelista on handling the pressures of fame: 'I fight for myself every day'

By Camille Santiago Published Feb 10, 2023 11:32 pm

Scroll through your timeline and you’ll see Heart Evangelista’s name in the headlines—whether it's about a Fashion Week sighting or another controversial issue.

Speaking at the Avon Eve Truth fragrance launch last February 9, Heart shared her bouts growing up in a pressure-filled environment. The socialite, who started acting at 13, said she “always had to pretend to be someone” in order to become more “sellable.”

“I had to fit a mold, I had to be a certain way so I will be sellable,” she said.

Heart admitted that many tears were shed and relationships were broken, before she could learn to love and accept herself.

“Sad to say, sometimes people are going to turn their backs on you. People are going to leave you. You’re going to be alone. You're not gonna know what to do,” she said. “And if you do not know what to do to, boom, your instinct, your survival instincts will just kick in and you will realize that you love yourself so much.”

She added: “That’s where you get the confidence because it just develops, you know, you can’t pick it up, you can’t buy it, you attain it, yearn it. It grows eventually.”

The actress, who became the subject of controversy one after another, reflected on the challenges she has faced in the past years, saying she had to fight for her truth every day. So much so that every time people would ask her if and when she’s going to get pregnant, she only has one thing to say: “Guys, this is my life.”

“Who said I didn't want a baby? Who said I didn't want to be a mom? I was a mom,” she stressed.

Heart, who is turning 38 on February 14, said she had to “fight for myself every day” even to people that love her.

“I still have to correct them. And I love it. I love it that I do that for myself now because before, I was such a pushover. Even like a few months ago. I am such a different person now and I love it. I love it because I'm never ever ever will let anyone do anything bad to me just a little bit. And I'm so proud of myself for finally putting my foot down,” Heart said.

The Avon ambassador revealed that she is now “unapologetic” and is just being herself, ignoring the pressures around her.

“I love myself so much more now, because of everything I've been through and I'm proud of myself,” Heart said. “You owe it to yourself to stand tall and to just be you.”

Her advice to women who feel burdened by other people is: Don’t feel bad about yourself.

“Don't fault yourself for saying sorry all the time. Don’t fault yourself for feeling bad because they did something wrong to you so you’ll feel like it's your fault. You’re a good person, that’s not your problem anymore.”

“You don't need anybody's validation,” she said.