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Celebrity couple and besties with cute matching tattoos to take inspiration from

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Feb 17, 2023 8:58 pm

People get tattoos for many reasons: for artistic freedom, to keep an important memory alive forever, or just even drunken impulsiveness. However, there are others who opt to get complementary inks together with their special someone or with their closest friends.

While getting a tattoo is always a personal decision, getting matching inks also involves significant reflection as it symbolizes your lifelong commitment to that person closest to your heart.

If you think that you're ready to go down that route, here are some matching tattoo ideas that could serve as your inspiration for your design.

Infinity sign and crossed arrows

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One of the most common symbols to represent love is the infinity sign as it is associated with eternal love. Perhaps this type of love—the one that remains strong for better or for worse, till death do they part—has been the dream of many couples 

That's what Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck promised one another when they got married twice in July and August of last year. Which is why Jennifer's new infinity sign tattoo that has their names written in cursive is a romantic idea to show your devotion to your partner.

You can also opt to be inspired by Ben's tattoo of two crossed arrows with the first letter of their names written to represent how you were struck with love for your one and only.

Smiley face

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For a tattoo that's a little bit more simplistic and low-key for both couples and close friends, you can choose to copy reel-to-real life couple Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing's matching tattoo of a smiley face.

Etched on their fingers, the design consists of two dots inked on the pinky finger of Jane while RK had a curved line tattoo inscribed on his. While the symbols mean nothing when looked at individually, they form a cute smiley face when they're brought together.

Bianca Umali and Ruru Madrid have also gotten this design when they flew to Korea, but theirs is etched along the base of their thumb so that it appears when they're holding hands.

This design is perfect if you have that special someone who never fails to bring a smile to your face when you're together.

Number tattoos

If you have a close-knit group that means the whole world to you, then you may follow in the footsteps of South Korean boy band BTS with their tattoo idea.

Back in June last year, the group, consisting of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, discussed their ideas for their friendship tattoos and they all wanted something simple like a line or a dot to signify their "connection" as a band and celebrate their brotherly friendship.

They finally settled on a matching "7" tattoo to symbolize how many they are in the band, which you can take inspiration from for your own barkada.

'Ride or Die' ghosts

While having many close friends is enjoyable, there's also something a little bit more special about having that one friend who is the cream of the crop, who will unconditionally be your comfort zone, your source of self-esteem, and remain loyal to you at your worse times.

Lizzie McGuire actress Hilary Duff has found all of that in her best friend Alanna Masterson, and together, the two got identical ghost tattoos with the words "Ride or Die" written below. This phrase pertains to a person who is willing to do anything for someone they love or someone who they really appreciate in their life.

If you also have similar feelings for your best friend, and the same applies for them, this design might be a good fit for your bods.