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Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughter tells bashers of reunion with dad Yilmaz Bektas: ‘Be sensitive’

By Brooke Villanueva Published Jul 19, 2022 1:01 pm

Lorin Bektas hopes that netizens would “be sensitive” in commenting about their reunion with dad Yilmaz Bektas, which took 15 years to finally happen.

Calling it “the most personal and private and vulnerable I’ve ever been on the Internet,” Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughter shared some clips from her Turkey trip with her sister Venice in a vlog posted on Monday, July 18. 

“My mom and dad split up 15 years ago and ever since then, I haven’t seen my dad literally for 15 years,” she said. “It’s been a while and finally, it was time to see each other again. It was time for me to visit one of my home countries.”

After thanking everyone who sent some love and had “given their kind words” about their reunion with their father’s side, Lorin called out bashers who are “talking in a way that doesn’t reflect the fact that this entire journey actually has something to do with real-life people.” 

“We’re not a fan fiction or a movie or like a TV show where you can watch and comment from afar as if you know everything or as if it’s so simple. It’s really not black and white like that and there were a lot of people giving theories or negative opinions,” she said. 

While she’s used to shrugging off negativity and understands that her parents’ breakup took place in the public eye, Lorin pointed out that it still involves something “so personal” to her life. “When it comes to this and especially me seeing my family again, please just be careful and be sensitive of what you do comment because this is possibly the most monumental moment of my life thus far that I’ve decided to vlog and share with the world so it is intimidating to put such a personal aspect of me out there.” 

With her posts about their much-awaited reunion, Lorin also wanted to provide an uplifting message for those who are also in her shoes. “There were definitely moments in my life where I was convinced I didn’t know when I was gonna see my father’s side again, I didn’t know if I was ever even gonna touch Turkey,” she opened up.

“So if there’s anyone out there and one of your parents or a family member, maybe one of your kids isn’t in your life and you guys aren’t on the best of terms, I want you to know that it is possible to heal those relationships. It is possible to move forward, it is possible to grow even when it feels like it’s impossible. The right people will come back into your life in God’s perfect timing.”

Lorin confessed there was “a lot of hurt” in the past 15 years but she’s opting to move forward and shift her focus on what’s to come. “There’s a lot for me and that side of my family to catch up on and there’s a lot more growing to do and a lot more time to spent and a lot more years to try and get back, but it’s never too late,” Lorin said. 

Ruffa and Yilmaz got married in 2003 but separated in 2007. The actress later revealed she suffered from physical and emotional abuse during their marriage, which was annulled in 2012.

If you, or someone you know, is being abused during this time of health emergency, don’t hesitate to seek help to stop the abuse.

The Philippine Commission on Women has shared important contact details for those dealing with physical and emotional abuse:


PNP Hotline: 177
Aleng Pulis Hotline: 0919 777 7377
PNP Women and Children Protection Center
24/7 AVAWCD Office: (02) 8532-6690
Email address: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]


Public Attorney’s Office (PAO)
Hotline: (02) 8929-9436 local 106, 107, or 159 (local “0” for operator)
(+62) 9393233665
Email address: [email protected]


Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women and their
Mobile numbers: 09178671907 | 09178748961
Email address: [email protected]