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#FangirlGuide: 8 must-watch K-dramas if you can’t get enough of Park Eunbin

By Hannah Mallorca Published Aug 16, 2022 6:15 pm

Puppy dog eyes aside, Park Eunbin has always been a gem in K-drama land. Extraordinary Attorney Woo just became a stepping stone for the world to see her greatness. 

Since her debut, Eunbin is known to fully immerse herself into every character she plays. It’s no wonder that she can pull off different roles such as a twenty-something who barely has her life together, an undercover royal, an awkward violinist, and an autistic lawyer with such ease. 

So, if you can get enough of Woo to the Young to the Woo, we’ve listed down eight of Eunbin’s most iconic K-dramas to date. 

Do You Like Brahms? (2021)

A hidden gem that deserves more attention, Do You Like Brahms? shows off Eunbin’s musical prowess as aspiring violinist Chae Song-ah. Song-ah is a classical music student who harbors feelings for her friend and pianist Park Joon-young (Kim Minjae) as she longs for true happiness. (For starters, the K-drama’s title is a punchline for students who want to get their crush’s attention.)

Song-ah, however, took her sweet time asking Joon-young if he likes Brahms out of fear—at an airport, no less. Nonetheless, it’s a slow-burn, friends-to-lovers that shows Eunbin’s ability to act with her eyes and subtle reactions. 

Judge vs Judge (2017)

In case you don't know, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is not Eunbin’s first foray into legal dramas. 

Instead, Eunbin shows off her inner “gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss” in Judge vs Judge as Atty. Lee Jung-joo. Jung-joo is a fearsome lawyer who’s determined to prove her older brother’s innocence after he was framed for rape and murder. Her oppa (or kuya) might’ve been killed in the series, but this only made her more committed to clearing his name. 

Hot Stove League (2019-2020)

Feeling burned-out? Perhaps, Eunbin as baseball team manager Lee Se-young in Hot Stove League can remind you of your purpose. 

As the only female on The Dreams, Se-young is determined to keep the team’s morale alive even if they’ve been last in the professional league for four years. Her 10-year experience, firm outlook, and undisputed passion ultimately helped their team rise above their failures. 

Age of Youth (2016-2017)

Work can sometimes bring out your crazy side, just ask Song Ji-won (Eunbin), a 20-something journalism major who barely keeps it together although she tries her best. She finds comfort in the presence of ghosts (at least that’s what she claims) and her beliefs that they’re real. With her uncombed hair and creased-up ‘fits, it’s hard to relate to this character.

Operation Proposal (2012)

Like all K-drama icons, Eunbin had her fair share of K-drama classics that are considered guilty pleasures. Operation Proposal is one of them.

Eunbin takes on the role of hopelessly-in-love-with-her-bestie Ham Yi-seul who’s set to marry someone else to move on. While Kang Baek-ho (Yoo Seungho) has always had feelings for her, he was given a chance to go back in time and make things right. Love teams are not a thing in K-drama land, but this reunion project proved the undeniable chemistry of the lead actors.

The King’s Affection (2021)

Even Eunbin tried her hand out in the cross-dressing romance genre and managed to steal our fangirl hearts (Sorry, Rowoon). 

The King’s Affection tells the turbulent story of Dam Yi, a court maid who turns out to be the twin sister of the Crown Prince. Set during the Joseon Dynasty, a time when having twins brings auspicious luck to the family which explains why she was disposed of at birth, Dam Yi soon finds herself in the middle of political warfare when she was forced to take the place of her brother who suddenly passed away.

The Ghost Detective (2018)

Cheerful with a dark past, Eunbin takes on the role of Jung Yeo-wool in the crime series The Ghost Detective. Yeo-wool is the persistent assistant of a detective who’s tasked to solve Korea’s mysteries. They soon encounter a mysterious “Lady in Red” who helps them find the answers to sudden deaths, including the suicide of Yeo-wool’s sister. 

Queen Seondeok (2009)

Petition for Park Eunbin to be cast as the lead of a sageuk drama, please? Because her role in Queen Seondeok was too small yet too eye-catching to forget. 

Eunbin caught the attention of K-drama fans as Boryang, the daughter of a commander who falls in love with King Taejong Muyeol. Boryang’s wholesome presence is the source of the King’s comfort as he finds himself entangled in the fight between Queen Seondeok and Lady Mishil.