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Ria Atayde goes sultry, promotes body positivity as 2023 calendar girl of local whisky brand

By JUSTINE PUNZALAN Published Jan 17, 2023 8:50 pm Updated Jan 18, 2023 1:32 pm

Ria Atayde has unleashed her sultry side as the 2023 calendar girl of a local liquor brand. While the photos are nothing short of bewitching, the actress decided to bare some skin for a purpose that's beyond skin-deep. 

In the photos unveiled by White Castle Whiskey on Facebook today, Jan. 17, Ria can be seen baring some skin in daring outfits starkly different from her usual outfits for her conservative or friend-next-door roles.

Ria established her status as a seductress in a red hot bodysuit in one of the brand's posters. Another one depicted her as a laid-back temptress, with her white button-down polo and high-cut bikini bottom. The My Dear Heart star also flaunted her curves as she rocked a black venus cut-out swimsuit.

Although the calendars showcased her beauty and physique, the 30-year-old star revealed during the brand's press conference that she's using it as a medium for promoting body positivity.

White Castle Whiskey/Facebook

White Castle Whiskey/Facebook

White Castle Whiskey/Facebook

White Castle Whiskey/Facebook

White Castle Whiskey/Facebook

White Castle Whiskey/Facebook


"I think more than being fantasized, the whole point of this calendar is to advocate issues we have right now," the actress remarked.

By taking on this project, Ria also aims to promote the message that beauty is not based on looks, but on how people carry themselves.

“Beauty goes in all forms and sizes," the actress noted. "You can be wholesome and sexy. You don’t have to show more skin to be sexy. You just have to show your confidence."

Ria understands that being confident about your body amid all the negative feedback is "easier said the one." The actress said, "I'd be lying if I'll say I'm unaffected by all of that; I'm human naman. I do feel that once in a while."

The key, she said, is to learn how to look at the different sides of every situation. "I think it's a matter of recalibrating my mindset," she said, "Kunwari I workout. I don't workout because I hate my body. Rather, I'm working out because I wanna take care of it because I love it. And I think that made all the difference."

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It's a habit that she practices, especially now that she has bared more of herself to everyone as the brand's calendar girl. "With this one, I'm already counting on negative comments. I'm already mentally prepared for that," she stated. "For sure people would have a lot of things to say, but should that stop me from talking about my advocacy and bringing it out there? No naman, 'di ba? So yun iyon."

Ria said during the press con that learning how to love one's own skin is understandably challenging. That's why she advises all people struggling with body shaming not to be pressured into rushing the process.

The actress explained, "It took me so long to get to a point where I could say I love my body and embrace it for what it is. So take the baby steps that you need to take."

"You don't have to look a certain way, you just have to feel a certain way," she continued. "And if it's people's comments that are affecting you, [then] only those comments of people who matter to you should matter to you. Tune out the noise. Just focus on yourself and focus on the people that actually matter and love you."