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Barbie partners with Cleo Wade for an editorial campaign for Black History Month

By Camille Santiago Published Feb 23, 2021 2:03 am

We stan Barbie for fighting for human rights and equality!

The iconic toy brand known to have inspired women and men beyond generations has partnered with poet, activist and best-selling author Cleo Wade for an editorial campaign that celebrates black women.

"This is a tribute to all of the Black Women especially the educators, caretakers, social workers, and organizers on the ground doing the work to keep Black community safe and sacred," Wade wrote on his Instagram account.

This Black History Month, Barbie and Wade puts the spotlight on black women and their "power, brilliance, and determination" and their contribution to America's history in the past, present and future.

"The advancement of Civil Rights for Black People in America as well as the Women’s Liberation movement would not be possible without the vision, words, ideas, and tireless work and strategizing by Black Women," the poet wrote.

In this editorial campaign, black Barbies were dressed up in fashionable pieces from different eras. The first group, which represents the past, is styled in 50s fashion with cat eye sunglasses and volume skirts. They are seen holding a placard that says, "We fight with love. We win with love."

Barbies representing the past

Modern women from the pandemic era are dressed in athleisure attire, face masks, and protective hairstyles. They are seen joining the Black Lives Matter movement against violence and racial injustices, holding signs that read, "We cannot overcome what we ignore," "Enough is enough," and "She is me. We matter."

"Black women have intellectually, politically, and physically always been on the frontlines demanding necessary and urgent social change, including the millions of women and young girls who recently took to the streets demanding racial justice,” wrote Wade.

Barbies representing the present

And lastly, Wade shows that there is hope for the future, as two young and happy women hold bright and colorful signs that bring encouragement. their cards read, "We are the builders who are…" and "Building a [world] that has never been built before."

Wade hopes that through this effort, black women would realize that they are seen, heard, understood, and that they matter.

"I hope that young Black Girls will see themselves in these images from the past, the present, and the future. I hope they will see the powerful ancestry of Black Womanhood. Black Girl Magic is real and it has existed for a very very long time. I hope young Black Girls will see this and know how important they are, know how much they matter, and have always mattered."

Barbies representing the future

Photos from Mattel/Barbie