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Sarah Jessica Parker is spotted filming ’Sex and the City’ reboot in... Forever 21

By Camille Santiago Published Jul 30, 2021 4:56 pm

HBO Max's Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That... is really happening, and paparazzi shots of actors in their freshest looks give fans a taste of what to expect. However, the recent photos of Sarah Jessica Parker from the set had the fans talking—both in a good and bad way.

In one of the scenes, Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw, is seen wearing a chambray button-down shirt underneath a boho-inspired maxi dress. The styling got mixed reviews, the brand of the dress, however, surprised them even more. 

According to @justlikethatcloset, a fan-based Instagram account for all And Just Like That looks, the dress is from Forever 21. Parker also wore an intergalactic-inspired platform shoes from Terry de Havilland and a monogrammed bag from the Gucci and Balenciaga collection to complete the outfit.

The outfit, they think, is very low budget and unlikely for her character to wear, who is known for her penchant for luxe and over-the-top outfits. The fans believe that Carrie would just never be caught wearing something from a fast fashion label.

"Forever 21 really? On a 50-something. Patricia Field would never," said @evelynrobinson.

Some fans think that a fashion-centered series like Sex and The City shouldn't be supporting fast fashion. "Noooo sex and the city can set an example and not go for fast fashion brands," @ipiesings wrote on a post from @diet_prada, a "fashion watchdog" of account.

"I get that Carrie would definitely mix high and low fashion, but in 2021 there is no way in hell she would shop fast fashion," wrote @gloriannaschinagl on @andjustlikethatcloset's page. "[It's] all about sustainability and recycled fashion which Carrie was a [queen] of... cheap quality is not the same as inexpensive," she added.

While others hated the idea of injecting an affordable—let alone a fast fashion brand—on the show, other's were cool about it, saying it's a break from the luxury brands that were presented throughout the series.

One user named @macajoni_and_cheese wrote that they're "here for it." "Omg something I can afford," they commented.

"I love that the dress is from an affordable brand! Looks chic," another wrote, while another user has mixed feelings. "It's definitely ugly and I hate fast fashion, but for a lot of people this is all we can afford. It's nice to see someone not rocking a $4000 dress that I could never even touch in my wildest dreams."

Meanwhile, others belive that it might be "part of the plot" now adding that maybe Carrie "didn't receive any $ in the divorce settlement."

"At least it's more realistic wardrobe for a weekly columnist," @girlanarchist69 said.

Because of this fiasco, many SATC fans are clamoring for Field to return as costume designer. Unfortunately, she said she "wasn't able to be in New York" to do the reboot because she'll also be in Paris for Netflix's Emily in Paris, which is currently in production for season 2.

"I told them to call my very dear friend Molly Rogers, who also worked in my store back in the day. She did Sex and the City with me from start to finish. She knew it well so she's doing it. My dance card was full," Fields told WWD.

A senior production staff also tells Daily Mail that Fields not being part of the HBO Max series is "a first for the show," but assured that the new costume and wardrobe department head "will work."

"Fans can rest assured this will work as she worked under Patricia for the series' original run as the stylist," the source said. "Her credits are also impressive with costume design work on The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty," the source added.

Photo (dress) by @justlikethatcloset, SJP from HBO