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Health first: Start your road towards self-care with Globe Prepaid’s Go+99 with GoHEALTH

Published Jul 26, 2022 5:20 pm

One morning, you wake up after a long night’s sleep, exhausted from the stressful, piled-up schoolwork rattling your thoughts for the past week. You stare at the blank ceiling, overthinking what your future holds if you leave these requirements untouched.

You started questioning your self-worth, reflecting on the many years you think you’re going to waste if you do not focus on those papers and exams. You, then, spend the next few hours pondering on these negative thoughts, still stuck on the bed, with some tears rolling down your cheeks. As time passes by, you realized you’re already late for your first class.

You feel like staying at home, but you force yourself to get ready so you can still attend the next few lectures. A few hours later, you find yourself on the jeepney, on the bus, or on the train, still being attacked by the negative imagery created by your own thoughts. They stay on even when you arrive home.

Plenty of schoolwork was added to your plate, yet you don’t feel like doing them as a battle continues to ensue with you and your thoughts. You just go directly to bed and cry yourself to sleep.

That is one of many, many scenarios being experienced by members of Generation Z (Gen Z) nowadays with regard to their mental health. Most days are ongoing battles with their thoughts, and most of the time, they just stand helpless, not knowing what to do.

And getting help could prove difficult for young people, especially because of their limited financial capacity and the country’s limited health services.

A little help can go a long way to finding your inner peace, and that is what Globe Prepaid is here for with their latest offering, Go+99 with GoHEALTH.

Mental health first

As Gen Zs near the path to adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it, they should be encouraged to put health on top of their priorities, especially with the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country.

They should always be reminded that it is important to keep their immune system strong so they can continue working on themselves towards a better future.

But, most importantly, mental health should also be of great importance to Gen Zs, as they get ready to discover their role in society and the world.

Some, if not all, might feel the pressure about that kind of responsibility and they might get lost in crippling anxiety and self-doubt. With this, they all need the help they could get.

Thankfully, Gen Zs have a companion in Globe Prepaid who provides access to health services through their Go+99 with GoHEALTH, giving their subscribers options to avail of a 49-peso discount on medical deliveries with HealthNow or one free mental health consultation with KonsultaMD, all these apart from the 8GB data they can get for all website visits and unlimited text to all networks good for 7 days.

“Transitioning to adulthood is no easy feat for the youth, especially with the amount of pressure surrounding them that manifests in their overall wellbeing. Understanding this, Globe Prepaid continues to innovate its products and services with Go+99 with GoHEALTH so they can prioritize and take charge of their health and wellness, allowing them to navigate their daily life with more inner peace and confidence to own the future,” says Givielle Florida, Head of Globe Prepaid.

Need to talk?

It is never too late to always seek professional help. Whether you think you need to have prescribed medicine or just need professional advice, seeking a psychologist or psychiatrist might do the trick.

Globe has partnered with the telehealth membership service KonsultaMD (KMD), giving you 24/7 unlimited access to licensed doctors, with no appointment needed. Through this, you can call a doctor via voice or video call whenever, wherever you want.

Subscribers who register with Globe Prepaid’s Go+99 with GoHEALTH can avail of 1 free mental health consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist through KMD’s Video Consult or KonsultaChat.

Moreover, subscribers can chat with a mental health professional as long as they have downloaded and registered through the latest KMD app, any time, anywhere. Take note that a KMD plan is not needed for this feature.

Medicine straight to your doorstep

Globe has also partnered with the mobile app HealthNow for patients who want to have their doctor’s consultation, their medicine delivered conveniently to their homes, and have their appointments scheduled without leaving the house.

By downloading the HealthNow app in the Apple Store (for iPhone users) and Google Play Store (for Android users), users can already utilize the “Medicine Delivery” feature upon registration. This is where they set the desired delivery location details and select the medicine they wish to purchase, as well as its quantity.

The medicine sold in the app is categorized by illness, namely Hypertension & High Cholesterol, High Sugar, Hyperacidity, Cough & Colds, First Aid & Pain Relief, Vitamins & Supplements, For Moms, For Kids, and more.

Subscribers can also upload their prescriptions if they want to purchase a certain medicine within the app. Once done, they can pay via GCash or Debit/Credit Card and track their order as they wait for their medicine to be delivered at home.

Globe subscribers are qualified to avail of a 49-peso discount with the medicine delivery when they avail of Go+99’s GoHEALTH.

Get these health perks and more, by downloading the New Globe One app and signing up for Go+99 with GoHEALTH. Subscribers can also avail of Globe Prepaid Go+99 promo via GCash, dial *143# sim menu, or text GOPLUS99 GO HEALTH to 8080.

Self-care is a go with Globe Prepaid so you can #OwnTheFuture.

* * *

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Globe.