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How to efficiently manage your credit cards and monthly payments

By Denise Nicole Uy Published May 07, 2021 3:05 pm

Who can resist the allure of online shopping these days? Over the past year, more people have gotten into online shopping out of necessity and due to pandemic restrictions. And admit it, it’s really more convenient to order almost anything we want with a quick tap or click of a finger. 

Too much of a good thing, however, isn’t always great. Resisting the temptation to splurge because of a sale has also become a challenge even amid this financial crisis.

On the third episode of the #SurvivingWithMissy series, a collaboration between Metrobank and The Philippine STAR, Missy is baffled by her monthly credit card statements. But after struggling to make sense of it all, she figures out how to manage her monthly bills and create a system of rules that works just for her.

Tackling your monthly bills

We join Missy as she calculates her expenses for the month, which are piling up. Her inner angel and demon appear in this episode, reminding her to be mindful of her personal finances, especially when credit cards are involved.

Struggling with a system to pay her monthly bills on time, Missy discovers the Metrobank Bills2Pay card payment facility where you can enroll your billers to pay for your utilities’ monthly bill. With this useful feature, you won’t need to deal with the consequences of paying beyond your due date.

This feature can help you feel at ease by paying the billers you enrolled automatically and, most importantly, on time. No more panicking because you forgot to pay for your WiFi and other utilities last month. 

Convenience and responsibility

Convenience and responsibility go hand in hand when it comes to credit cards. After seeing her expenses stack up, Missy learns that she also needs a system to help her manage her expenses.

After accepting that she needs help, she understands that owning a credit card comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially during a pandemic where cashless transactions are a norm.

Do’s and don’ts

Credit cards offer you the chance to have good credit scores which allow you to apply for loans and plans. Some credit cards also let you earn points that you can then trade for rewards like discounts and freebies! But the freedom and ease of credit cards make some people spend beyond their means, so be wary.

Missy learns the three cardinal rules in owning a credit card in this leg of her journey. First, never borrow what you can’t pay. Secondly, pay in full whenever possible as it leaves your credit limit open and available for other purchases. And lastly, check your card transactions often so you can keep track of your spending and won’t get blindsided at the end of the month.

Avoid headaches from your expenses and credit cards by fostering habits to help you become financially stable.Thanks to the miniseries #SurvivingWithMissy, tips and tricks to becoming smarter with your money are becoming more accessible to more people. 

Check out future episodes of #SurvivingWithMissy, or look back on previous episodes on The Philippine STAR’s Facebook page for fun and easy to understand financial tips!

For more articles on financial education, visit their website.


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