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Gynecologist invents ‘world’s first unisex condom’ for all genders to practice safer sex

By PINKY S. ICAMEN Published Oct 29, 2021 6:36 pm

A Malaysian gynecologist created the “world’s first unisex condom” as he hopes to empower all genders to practice safer sex.

The product called “Wondaleaf Unisex Condom” is a thin, stick-on condom made from 0.03mm-thick Polyutherane, a medical-grade material usually used in medical gloves or dressing injuries.

“It’s a condom with an adhesive covering that attaches to the vagina or penis, as well as covering the adjacent area for extra protection,” Wondaleaf Unisex Condom founder and inventor John Tang Ing Chinh told Reuters.

Tang has over 30 years of experience in his field of gynecology. Throughout his career, he became concerned toward the rising number of abortions, unwanted pregnancies, and spread of sexually transmitted disease. With that, he decided to research the root cause of the issue.

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In his research, he found the following:

  • Male condoms are prone to slippage if the man lost his erection during intimacy.
  • Existing condoms do not provide protection around the abdominal area, causing contact STDs.
  • Couples often resort to unprotected sex if the man did not want to use a condom.
  • The rise in abortions due to unprotected sex lead to unwanted pregnancies.

According to its website, the product's default configuration is an internal condom but its centrally located non-adhesive pouch can be inverted to become an external condom. As the condom can be reversed, it can be used by either sex.

“Once you put it on, you often don’t realize that it’s there,” claimed Tang, who works for medical supplies firm Twin Catalyst.

Why is it better than regular condoms? 

Its website says since it is an adhesive condom, it can be put on before any foreplay, which prevents any interruption. It also claims the product “will not slip off during intercourse, making it a much safer contraceptive.” 

This may also be an alternative for those who are sensitive or allergic to latex, a material that is widely used in making condoms.

Wondaleaf is a condom with an adhesive covering that attaches to the vagina or penis.

"Wondaleaf may be the ideal contraception that can revolutionize sexual and reproduction health," said Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, former president of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, according to the Wondaleaf website.

Each box of Wondaleaf will contain two condoms, two sachets of water-based lubricant and two retention gauze. It will cost 14.99 Malaysian ringgit or P182 per box.

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On its social media pages, the firm also provided instructional videos on how to use it for women and men.

Tang told news outlets that Wonderleaf had gone through several rounds of clinical research and testing and will be available commercially in the firm’s website in December.

According to the World Health Organization, condoms are the only contraceptive method that can prevent both a pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.