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Why Iza Calzado glows from within

By MYLENE MENDOZA-DAYRIT, The Philippine STAR Published Oct 26, 2021 5:00 am

Iza Calzado, the actress blessed with one of the most beautiful faces among local celebrities (even without makeup), is also one of the busiest.

Despite all the projects she juggles, she remains committed to having a balanced life that creates tranquility within. From the insights she shared with us during the (email) interview, it’s easy to understand why she practically glows. Her beauty emanates from within.

One of the biggest lessons for me has been learning to embrace every aspect of my being, not just the qualities that I like, but more so the ones that are difficult to love and accept.

Her birthday reflection on Instagram read: “Thirty nine. The past year has challenged me so much on so many levels yet here I am, alive and grateful to be so as I celebrate my birthday.

Iza Calzado's beauty emanates from within.

“One of the biggest lessons for me has been learning to embrace every aspect of my being, not just the qualities that I like, but more so the ones that are difficult to love and accept: My imperfections and the shadows within.

“Practicing self-compassion has been helpful and I must say it made me become more compassionate towards others. At the root of it all is self-love. Working on having a better understanding of what it means to me. Working on my sense of self-worth, my being enough. Filling my cup first before giving it to others. Only then can I be truly happy and have peace in my heart.

“By being aware of the darkness within and around me, I create more light from within and around me. Tapping into the limitless light inside all of us, which comes from the source whom I call God.

“So grateful for every step (and misstep) of mine He has supported and guided that has led me exactly to where I am today. I celebrate this present moment, this gift of my existence and evolution today. I wish the same for you.”

At a business meeting a few years back, I told Iza and husband Ben Wintle that for me Iza has the prettiest face I have ever seen. Her eyes and her smile draw you in like a magnet. Ben was so amused he recorded what I said for Iza to hear. We probed her more on the source of this beauty from within.

THE PHILIPPINE STAR: You have been an advocate of health and fitness for a long time. What challenges prevent you from being at your peak form during this pandemic?

IZA CALZADO: To be honest, this pandemic made me achieve my peak form. I am able to have better rest because of the new taping protocols. There’s finally set working hours and turnaround time.

The main challenge there is being in an environment where we have to take our masks off and still be under stress from our workload. Being in lockdown has also forced me to go inward, so it has been beneficial for me compared to all the years of being on auto pilot, going from one project to another.

As one of the first COVID-19 survivors, what was your biggest learning from that experience?

You said earlier that I have been a long-time health and fitness advocate. That is true, but what I realized from my COVID-19 experience is that no matter how healthy you eat and how much you work out (over-training can also be detrimental to your health, by the way) you’re not truly healthy if you’re not recovering and giving your body the rest it needs.

We have glorified hard work and not sleeping far too long. It is high time we realize the value of rest, taking a pause (great for mental health), proper nutrition, supplementation and movement (working out or any physical activity) to strengthen our immunity with the best that it deserves.

Working out at home regularly with Culver Padilla is made more fun and interesting through a variety of exercises using body weight and small equipment.

How do you balance the physical, mental and emotional demands of your career and family life?

I just try and take things one task at a time. I try and stay present so I can do my job (whether professional or personal) to the best of my abilities and enjoy the process. When things get overwhelming, I pause, breathe, meditate and/or work out or even dance a bit and think of everything or anything I can be grateful for.

This brings me back to the present moment. I am a huge advocate of experiencing life fully because we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Do you take supplements?

I have been taking Conzace for quite some time now. I love it because it is complete, it has zinc and vitamins A, C and E. It gives me the strength and protection that I need from the stress and demands of life.

There are a lot of people who are trying to stay healthy and/or restart their health journey. What advice would you give them?

There is no better time to be on top of your health than now. Build healthy habits, no matter how small, and stick to them every day until they become second nature to you. Great health of mind, body and spirit — that is my wish for all of us.