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Only 2 in 5 women are satisfied in bed: Here’s how to get Noti and experience orgasm

By Tanya Lara Published Mar 31, 2021 1:03 pm

Its not rocket science, but a woman’s orgasm seems to be as difficult to master or achieve.

Various studies and surveys around the world show that only two in five women are satisfied with their sex lives. Worse, 20% of the 2,000 women surveyed for the Pleasure Positivity Project in 2019 said they very rarely or never achieve orgasm.

The percentage is even lower for just intercourse. A separate study found that “75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone—that is without the extra help of sex toys, hands or tongue. And 10 to 15 percent never climax under any circumstances.”

Over the years Filipino women have become more open about self pleasure as online adult sex stores have actually multiplied.

The adult sex shop Noti: Love Yourself, founded and run by Filipinas, is on a mission to make women help themselves orgasm by taking their own sexual pleasure into their own hands.

“We firmly believe in empowering every Filipina to understand her wonderful body’s potential for pleasure, make conscious and intelligent choices, and embrace her right to experience guilt-free orgasms and enjoy the benefits of self-pleasure,” its website says.

Noti‘s website is all about sex education—and naughty toys. 

“We are on a mission to put the power of great orgasms in every Filipina’s hand, making them the experts of their own body and defining sex and pleasure in their own terms. Noti is all about building a community of empowered and self-loving people!”

Indeed, there’s a whole community of women that’s still embarrassed to talk about these things or even to masturbate.

Noti’s blog section will help you open your mind as it discusses female sexuality, body image, self love and, of course, the female orgasm. It also has testimonials from women who have used sex toys.

On erogenous zones, it lists down where to touch yourself and how. “The G-spot can be found roughly 1 to 2 inches up your vagina. All you have to do is insert a finger or two, then stroke the wall at the side of your belly. You might just gush with female ejaculation afterward!”

Fifty Shades of Gray metal adrenaline pinwheel spikes and leather handcuffs. 

It’s unapologetically frank and helpful. It carries a lot of articles on the site and the writing feels like a sister trying to open your eyes to self pleasure;  it also has steamy sex stories written by women.

A cheeky entry: “Throughout history, the female orgasm has always been an enigma to those who have never experienced it. The discussion didn’t always include ladies like us, yet they insisted that they could stay on top of a woman’s pleasure. No wonder it took so long before they were able to hit the spot!”

On the shopping part—oh my! You have everything you can think of—and some you haven’t thought of.

Toys for women’s self pleasure. 

Toys include dildos, vibrators, clitoral stimulators, butt plugs, Kegel balls, lubricants, massage oils, condoms, and toys for sex play such as blindfolds, leather handcuffs, ticklers, and bondage kits.

The brands range from affordable to expensive, from P1,500 to upwards of P10,000 for vibrators, and also under P1,500 for other accessories like blindfolds.

One thing that lets you know Noti understands the Filipina psyche about sexual matters is what’s written on top of its website: “same day delivery + discreet shipping.”

They want you to experience pleasure right now. But it’s also going to be your Noti little secret.

Tickler—and not just for laughs.  

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