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Woman makes over $4,000 or nearly P200k monthly for selling farting videos

By Brooke Villanueva Published Mar 30, 2021 10:52 am

Ever wanted a job so chill and fun but pays really well?

We’ve discovered a mom-of-two who is living the dream. She makes a ton of moolah—over $4,000 or nearly P200,000 monthly—just for selling her farting videos (yes, you read that right).

Emma Martin has been doing this since 1999. "When I first heard about fart fetishes, I was like, 'Eww, what? That can't be a fetish.’ But then I got into it. It's kinda cool. It's a well-hidden, secret fetish,” she said.

Photo from the Daily Mail

The 48-year-old makes it a point to film her videos only when her family is not around. “My husband knows, but he’s not into farts at all. No one else in my family knows. I don’t think they would approve, but I’m a grown woman,” she shared.

She currently uses OnlyFans as her platform, where she signed up in January 2021 with the username @FartinTart. The warm reception she received on the website came as a total surprise.

Her market? It’s classified into two social groups: “Half are white collar professionals looking for custom videos where I’ll say their names and do things they’re too embarrassed to ask their wives for,” she shared, adding that she sells such personalized clips via Clips4Sale and PayPal for $7 or P339 per minute. “The other half are guys in their twenties who just follow me on OnlyFans.”

The most interesting part about all of this is she even follows a specific diet that helps her do her job well. “I eat a lot of salad, asparagus, and avocados. I also eat lots of Mexican food,” she revealed. “One of my favorites is coleslaw and baked beans mixed together, I eat a lot of that too.”

If you’re curious as to how she does it, check out this video that the Daily Mail shared on their site: