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LIST: Best places in the Philippines to break up with someone

By Leanne Baldelovar Published Aug 21, 2022 9:24 pm Updated Aug 22, 2022 10:36 am

In today's digital age, most people just choose to end relationships via a simple text or a phone call.

But if you want to soften the blow when you end things with someone who you've loved, you might want to consider heading somewhere a bit more scenic to deliver your heart-wrenching speeches and say goodbyes properly. 

The situation can be difficult for both the person initiating the break up, and those on the receiving end of the news. While most people envision how to say they're breaking up, another factor to consider is where to do it. Public places with good views and a calming ambiance can provide neutral ground where you can end relationships peacefully and go on your separate ways. 

Need some ideas? Here's a list of places where you can stage your break ups and end relationships amicably. 


Nature parks are one of the best places to deliver the breakup line, "I need space," because they often have quiet spots and nooks where no one else can hear you talking (or crying). Here are some parks you can take your soon-to-be ex. 

Wright Park, Baguio

Baguio is known as the "breakup capital" of the Philippines and with films like 2014's That Thing Called Tadhanait's been widely assumed that couples who visit this city will end their relationship. Why not turn it into a location for the actual breakup? 

Among the best places to do so is Wright Park, which features a scenic pool of pine trees coupled with a cool climate that fit perfectly in theme with cold separations. The park is easily accessible if you're already Baguio, as it is located just in front of The Mansion House, another popular tourist spot. 

People's Park in the Sky, Tagaytay

If Baguio is too far for you just to deliver bad news, then People's Park in the Sky in Tagaytay is another option. The park, which has an unfinished mansion built during the late Ferdinand Marcos Sr.'s regime, offers an eerie and calming atmosphere, especially when covered with fog.

After saying your breakup line to your partner, at least they can take the time to reflect and soak in the view of the Taal Volcano and Tagaytay's ridges. Take note that an entrance fee to this tourist spot comes with a fee of P30. And in case you're the designated driver to Tagaytay, it might not be a good idea to leave them stranded there.

Rizal Park, Manila

So you want a breakup that's less antagonizing and quick? There's no need to travel far when Rizal Park is within an arm's reach from your place.

This location is a historical landmark that was officially named after our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. It's the perfect spot to finally say that your memories with them are now part of history.  

Cafe with overlooking spots

With their relaxing atmosphere, cafes are good place to have a genuine conversation with your future ex. However, going to your favorite crowded coffee shop might not be a good option, as you might picture the heartbreaking moment every time you return, or end up making a scene in front ot a lot of people. Here are a few cafes that might be better options.

ArtSector Gallery & Chimney Cafe 360º, Binangonan, Rizal.

With its minimalist architecture and exhibits of various paintings, sculptures, and other art forms, ArtSector Gallery & Chimney Cafe 360° in Binangonan, Rizal will transport you to a scene from a tearjerker K-drama. 

As the name suggests, this overlooking cafe offers a breathtaking 360° view of Laguna Lake, Sierra Madre Mountains, Pililla Windmills that is sure to add more drama when you're breaking the bad news to your lover during sunset.

Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

Located along Aguinaldo Highway, Bag of Beans in Tagaytay can soften anyone's cold heart with its Instagram-worthy interiors and hearty servings of Filipino, Italian, and Mexican dishes.

Although it does not offer an overlooking view of the famed Taal Volcano, the restaurant's charming interiors and homey atmosphere make it an excellent place to relax, reflect, and have heart-to-heart conversations.

Kuuma Kaakao Kaffe, Tagaytay

Another must-visit spot in Tagaytay is Kuuma Kaakao Kaffe found near the Tagaytay Rotonda. This underrated quaint cafe is loved by frequent visitors for its cozy interiors and captivating view of Tagaytay ridges. This is in addition to its menu, which features Pinoy favorites like champorado with dilis, puto bumbong, and more.

If you want a less nerve-wracking way to deliver your breakup speech, dine in al fresco at this cafe, order a hot chocolate drink, and enjoy the view while you calmly talk about everything that went wrong in your lovelife and why it's best to end things.


Museums are innately reflective destinations, where you can enjoy looking at objects of cultural, artistic, or historical value. While museums are considered date places, they can also be a good place to show your estranged lover the importance of valuing priceless things in life, just like your relationship.

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

Nestled in Grand Heights Subdivision in Antipolo, Pinto Art Museum has been a go-to spot for art enthusiasts and those who simply want a refreshing break from the city without traveling too far. This popular art hub is just a one to two-hour drive away from Manila and boasts charming gardens and hundred of contemporary artworks.

With its scenic beauty surrounded by lush gardens and white mission-style buildings, it'll be hard to resist the urge of snapping one last pretty selfie with your future ex as you say your goodbyes.

 National Museum of Natural History, Manila

One of the most famouse attractions in the National Museum of Natural History is its centerpiece, called Tree of Life, which features an elevator that ascends to an architectural dome canopy. But in case you don't knkow, the museum, which opened to in May 2018 in Rizal Park, features six floors of fossils, dioramas, and replicas of species and natural wonders. 

Its various exhibit of animals from the olden days is a witty yet subtle way of showing your partner what your relationship has become—extinct.