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Mom of twins calls police for help because she can’t tell babies apart

By Brooke Villanueva Published Apr 13, 2023 1:58 pm

Who’s who? 

A mom joked about winning the “Mother of the Year” title after having to turn to the police for help with telling her identical twins apart.

Sofia Rodriguez recently went viral on Twitter after sharing that she had to call the cops and have her newborn twins Valentin and Lorenzo fingerprinted so she would know “which one is which.”

She also posted photos of her twins, noting that they may have some “slight differences” in pictures but “in person, they are the same.” 

The 25-year-old woman said she “never thought” she would “get them confused” in an interview with NBC’s TODAY. “Valentin always (wore) a blue ribbon, but when I realized that it was too small for him, I decided to cut it (off),” she told the media outlet.

Confusion hit Rodriguez while she was changing one of her sons’ clothes when they were sick. 

While the police tried to help her solve her problem, their fingerprints did not look "very defined" so they did not appear in the system. This prompted the National Registry of Persons (NRP) in Argentina to step in and provide assistance in identifying the boys. It turned out to be successful—the organization provided her with certificates of her twins' identities a day later. “Thanks to them (NRP), we know again the identity of our children!” she said in another tweet.

Psychologist Joan Friedman, in the same report by TODAY, said: “Identical twins look much alike, especially at birth. Excluding a difference in weight, birthmarks, or other obvious identifiers, it can be difficult to tell them apart.”

Making them wear colored bracelets, name tags, earrings, or non-toxic polish could serve as cues. “Using assigned seating in the car or at the table helps too,” the article also stated.