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Wife reunites with diamond ring 13 years after flushing it down the toilet

By Ratziel San Juan Published May 23, 2023 12:38 pm

Minnesota-based woman Mary Strand has been reunited with the diamond ring that she seemingly lost for good after accidentally flushing it down the toilet almost 13 years ago.

Thankfully, employees of a regional water treatment plant—located on a road incidentally called Diamond Lake—discovered the ring while shoveling waste and other remains in March.

It was mechanical maintenance manager John Tierney who noticed the "spark of light" among the debris. He thought to find the ring's original owner after noting the unique design that could make the effort to find Strand well worth it.

"Recently, we found a ring at one of our regional wastewater treatment plants. This is a rare occurrence, and we want to return the ring to its owner! Please contact us if you lost a wedding ring down the drain," the local Metropolitan Council posted on Twitter in early April.

The council even publicized their discovery "like a needle in a haystack" at the time.

Hundreds of people contacted the council reporting lost rings, but "only one photo, however, looked like a match."

Strand's fortune turned as she has since regained her ring, which was the 33rd wedding anniversary gift of her husband, Dave.

"I felt really bad because it was a gift," Mary told NBC affiliate Kare11.

She also recalled how she lost the ring in the first place over a decade ago: "It was swirling around, I truly dove for it, and it went down the drain," Strand narrated.

Her husband, who ironically owns a drain and sewer company, helped her search for the ring by removing the toilet and then using a camera to search 60 meters of the sewer line to no avail.

"I was thinking, 'He'll never buy me another ring,'" Mary laughed as she said in hindsight.

Kare11 reported that Strand will have the ring reset in preparation for her 46-year wedding anniversary to be worn good as new.