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Solmux Advance launches engagement with community health workers

Published Mar 20, 2024 7:30 am

Even though the pandemic has brought a greater awareness of cough in the last three years, there are still misconceptions about this symptom that are prevalent among Filipinos. While restrictions against COVID-19 have relaxed, the need for Filipinos to take precautions against cough, which can be infectious or a sign of an underlying condition, must be sustained.

Unilab Inc.’s Solmux Advance with Zinc—an upgraded version of the Solmux that Filipinos know and trust for decades now, recently held its “Huwag Palalain, Ubo ay Supilin” seminar for all the barangay health workers (BHWs) of Mandaluyong City. Solmux Advance with Zinc is an innovative product that combines Carbocisteine and Zinc to provide optimal efficacy in alleviating cough with phlegm associated with respiratory tract disorders, including acute bronchitis.

The event, which was organized in cooperation with the city health department under Dr. Arnold Abalos, featured a talk by Dr. Roy Julian, universal health care coordinator for the health system support division of Mandaluyong City, on the causes and treatments of different kinds of cough. “A cough is a natural defense mechanism of the body and can be useful in expectorating a foreign body," he said. "However, when it becomes prolonged, chronic, and comes with difficulty breathing, consultation with a health professional is needed.”

Dr. Arnold Abalos, city health officer of Mandaluyong stressed the significance in raising awareness and promoting preventive healthcare measures.

Dr. Julian added that in the local setting, there are two extremes when it comes to coughs and consultations. “One is the patients don’t mind the cough and hope that it will go away on its own. The second way of dealing with a cough is even though the cough is already chronic, and the patient is already becoming thin and underweight, they still don’t consult with a doctor. That is what we term as poor health seeking behavior.”

“Training conducted by Solmux Advance with Zinc is very helpful,” he said. “It helps to empower the BHWs with the right information that they can share with the community. Even though we have health centers, the doctors and nurses cannot reach every corner of the community. That is the importance of our BHWs who are on the ground.”

Dr. Roy Julian, universal health care coordinator for the health system support division of Mandaluyong City, emphasized the role of cough as a natural defense mechanism.
Bringing health expertise to the communities

Solmux Brand Manager Leevan Fong shared, “Even after the pandemic, there are still a lot of people who are confused or misinformed about cough. Majority of people in the country get help and guidance on healthcare from their health centers, particularly from our barangay health workers. We decided to reach out to them so they can cascade the right information about cough to more people. Along with this, we have introduced Solmux Advanced with Zinc, which is a powerful combination of Carbocisteine which causes phlegm to melt, making it easier to cough up and expel, while Zinc helps boost immunity and functions as an antioxidant, to address complex cough conditions.

 “Our BHWs are very valuable to our community health initiatives. They are our secret but not-so-secret weapons, who are at the frontlines and know the conditions in the areas that they cover. Lectures and seminars such as this help them to be updated and knowledgeable about how to approach a disease, stop its spread, and to protect themselves as well,” said Dr. Arnold Abalos, city health officer, Mandaluyong City.

Mandaluyong Barangay Health Workers Head Myrna Gaite thanked Unilab and Solmux Advance for conducting the cough seminar “Mayroon kaming 20 to 50 families sa bawat aming nasasakupan, at kapag nalalaman namin sa area na may mga karamdaman katulad ng ubo, malaking bagay na mayroon kaming dagdag kaalaman na maaring maitalakay sa kanila tungkol dito. (We take care of 20 to about 50 families in our respective areas, and when we learn that there are health conditions such as cough in our area, it helps that we are equipped with the proper information that we can share with them.)”

Fong added that they will bring the program to more BHWs in other parts of the country. They will also be distributing posters with information about cough to the barangay health centers as a reminder and as an aid in their discussions, along with bringing Solmux Advance closer to communities. So the next time you look for Solmux, remember to ask for the upgraded Solmux Advance with Zinc!

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Solmux.